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Please can you practise a cursive un-joined script with your children, as well as the correct formation of capital letters and numbers.




Practise reading words from previous phonics screening test:

These have alien and real words for the children to segment then blend to read.

Phonics have allowed children to access from home - just use the info below.


Username: march20

Password: home 

There are many ideas on this site and in class we are mainly working on the Phase 5 games. The children particularly like the Time Challenge.


Carry on reading as much as possible with your children using books from home! J

Website links: - Some free games on this website to encourage blending and letter recognition


http://bbc,co,uk/cbeebies - Lots of games, videos, songs etc


Mr Thorne's phonics - huge collection of videos to help with blending, segmenting, letter recognition, tricky words and more. 



Read together. 


Write a diary.


Work together to make up a play to perform to family and friends.