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Home Learning photos.

During the school closure we would like children to be able to share what learning is taking place at home. Keep up to date with what others are doing- it might give you some new ideas too.

A little message from all of us to all of you....

Eco Week Recycling video.

Click the link below to take you to the PSHE page to see the Eco Warrior Logos designed as part of Eco Warrior week. 

Jess has an energetic dance and French session for you specially for Outdoors week. . Click the link below and have fun.

Monday 20th - Thursday 23rd July

Home grown potatoes.
A lovely walk to Madewell to see the animals
An amazing octopus kite
A perfect spot for kite flying
An incredible Sunflower
Harvesting her tomatoes
What impressive gardening skills.

Hatherleigh's Got Talent

Outdoor Week

Monday 13th - Friday 17th

Hop scotch
Hop scotch
Chair crawl
Chair crawl
Creative Arts Week

Friday 10th July

Flo's Mosaic art
Great choice of objects for her name art.
Inspired by Van Gogh's Sunflowers
Beach acrostic poem
Van Gogh's Starry NIght
Starry Night acrostic poem.

Thursday 9th July

Name art... spot the snail
Creative baking
Inspired by Botticelli's painting 'Venus'
Graffiti art for a friend
Shape sort
Ocean poem
Seurat inspired work-a moray eel

Wednesday 8th July

Tuesday 7th July

Working together as a family Kandinsky style
Art work on the computer.
Beach List poem
Describing a painting by Erin Hanson
Black rock in the style of Erin Hanson
The inspiration for Hugo's painting
Art in nature

Monday 6th July

An amazing natural pattern
God's Eye
Name art on the beach
Name art on the beach
Building a pirate ship
Creating octagons
A goose barnacle

Join Jess for her Creative Arts Week dance session.

Eco Warrior Week

Friday 3rd July

A fantastic recycling poster.
Jack's recycled spider and jelly fish
The tea light shown yesterday all lit up.
Morning horseriding.
Dear Earth
Dear Earth
Friday's French
Up-cycling an old T-shirt
Making a reindeer from her old tights
Recycling advice from Dolcie.
Great recycling
Recycling to make pet toys
A family of sock friends
Please put your rubbish in the bin.
Making a bird feeder from a plastic pot
A new home for the guinea pigs
Litter picking
A 'piggy blanket'
Tie dying an old T-shirt
A super tie dyed T-shirt
Using plastic pots to catch the drips
A bit of up-cycling

After being inspired by George Ezra she wrote her own recycling song.

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Join Jess for her weekly dance and French sessions.

Thursday 2nd July

Using an old jumper...
to make a cushion and a hat.
Litter picking. 94 pieces on a walk to Madewell
Recycling creations
Where would you jet off too?
Writing about the Global village
Wateraid video
Writing following up about Wateraid
A wind turbine
Freddie's letter to the Earth.
Up-cycled jam jar nature tealight
A bag made from Dad's old T-shirt
A bottle bird feeder
A letter to our Earth

Wednesday 1st July

ICT to get across his important message
Designing his Environmental game
The finished game
Both enjoyed playing the homemade game.
See the video below of this song being performed
See the video below of this poem being performed
Up-cycling socks to make dog's toys
1 happy dog
A new bird feeder made from a plastic bottle.

A brilliant poem written about the problem with buying products that contain palm oil.

Still image for this video

Performing her pollution song that she has written today.

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Tuesday 30th June

Setting up their walking rainbow
The final result
ICT Art showing the Greenhouse effect,
The greenhouse effect
A walk to the pond after school hours.
Clearing some old pieces of string from the pond
Story of plastic told by the Lego man. Part 1
Part 2.
A Sonnet to the Earth
A plastic bottle, wool and glue.
A brilliant blue pen holder
Making a bird feeder
A friendship bracelet made from plastic bags
A decorated 'secrets' box using cut out pictures
Working on his Eco Warrior logo

An important message from an Eco Warrior.

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A song written for Eco week.

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Eco week. 29th June

A weekend trip to the beech rock pooling.
Mr Plastic Eater
Re-using items to make his creation
A thoughtful acrostic poem
Performing his Sonnet to the Earth
Team work
An impressive farm collage
Working hard in the garden
Vegetables all growing well

Tuesday 23rd June

Seaside in the past
Super Summer shoes Dolcie
How strong can you make a bridge?
Out Litter picking.

Join Jess Squire for her weekly dance and French session.

Wednesday 17th June

Finger print experiment with cocoa powder
Whose fingerprints are these?
A healthy menu for a party
Following a drawing workshop to create this bunny.

Tuesday 16th June

Sunflowers growing really well
Helping with the bees
An informative Water cycle poster.
An super origami whale

Haiku poem recital

Still image for this video

Performing poetry- this week our focus is haiku poems

Still image for this video

A well performed Haiku poem

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Monday 15th June

Meet Mr Boney
Releasing her first butterfly.
Understanding division
Has anyone else used this book?
Studying skeletons
Amazing Monday Maths

Join Jess Squires for her dance session this week.

Friday 12th June

Story plan for Katie Morag
The Biros journey
Ocarina time
Cinquain poems
Water cycle experiment is starting to work
Brainstorming ideas.

Wednesday 10th June

Florence's Water Cycle poster.
Creative heaven
A fantastic collage
A perfect cloud sketch
Setting up a cloud experiment
An experiment to show evaporation.
Where should Katie Morag stay?

Tuesday 9th June

A brilliant design for a sunhat Dolcie.
Helping the vet  with a poorly cow.

Monday 8th June

How much water can a cloud hold?
A computer salamander
The water cycle
Super English work on prepositions.
Leaf owls
Leaf guinea pigs
Super choice of leaves for the deer.
4 mile bike ride
A fantastic rainbow
Great Maths equipment
First time fishing
Fishing success
Baking bread
Ocean picture
Katie Morag writing
Brilliant baking
Hard at work in the kitchen

Super kayaking skills

Still image for this video

Learning to Kayak

Still image for this video

Join Jess Squires for her dance and French session this week.

Summer term home learning.

Thursday 4th June

After sowing the seeds herself...
...weeding and watering...
today she was able to pick her first lettuce.

Wednesday 3rd June

Tuesday 2nd June

Who is joining Jess Squire for her dance session?

Friday 22nd May

Skittles Art
What a beautiful pattern
Maths work
Working with Gareth Malone

Thursday 21st May

A super poem
Her own story about Ananse
A spot of tree climbing
Making a sextant for Brownies
A birthday cake for Daddy.
Great fun creating treasure hunts for each other
Creating on Minecraft
Creating a river to explain the river's course
Creating fossilized dinosaur eggs

Wednesday 20th May

Fishing in the river on a glorious day.

Tuesday 19th May

Tap art
Great creations
It's hard not seeing family...
...your Auntie's newly born alpaca
Working on Prodigy
Direction work
Super spelling test
Comic strip. Under the surface of a river
River quiz
Morning maths

Learning new skills during lockdown.. a double skip on the trampoline and video editing.

Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Did anyone see a UFO this morning? It could have been this,

Monday 18th May

Escaping to a wizarding world
Residents in their homemade bird box.
Cracking the code
Planning his report
Learning the 7x table
Ready for their 400m run
A beautiful afternoon for a walk
Perfecting his division skills.

Join Jess Squire for her dance and French sessions. The links are in the document below

Friday 15th May

Martha's Maths problems
Courgettes and sunflowers growing well
Now. Lettuces growing well.
Look at the height of her bean.
A beautiful afternoon ride on the moor
A fantastic description of his drawing

Thursday 14th May

Prefix sort
All completed
Background for a slider
Diplododus facts
Data handling for hi toys
Brainbox revision
Desribing his picture for English
What happens in the river. Inspired by Flotsam
Description of one of the photos in the book.
Perfecting feathering for her Brownies badge
Matching prefixes
Homemade lava lamps
Races in their field
Bug hunting
Hunting for bugs in the long grass
Making crispy cakes
Sunday club creations
A huge caterpillar in the guinea pig dish
Helping with all the pets means cleaning out
Making hurdles at the river.

Wednesday 13th May

Dancing with Jess
Making shortbread for her family.
Data handling
Dinosaur poem
Super times tables

Tuesday 12th May

An  Egyptian mummy and its case.
A potato powered clock.
Time revision
Super dinosaur writing
Solving problems with remainders

Fun with a glider.... what could possibly go wrong?

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Monday 11th May

Flower dissection
Flower dissection
French crossword complete
Creating his own dinosaur
VE day celebrations
Homemade flapjack
An archaeological dig
Creative hearts
A delicious caterpillar cake
Plan for a garden
Unicorn art
Art in the garden...
...Then it's eaten by the rabbit
Bank holiday fun

Happy V E Day everyone.

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Dance with Jess Squire this week. Click the link below for details.

Week beginning 4th May

Best of British scarecrows

Two scarecrows in the sun.
A musical scarecrow for Bank holilay
A super hat for a great scarecrow
A beautifully dressed scarecrow
Miss Brittany Britain.
A super sporty scarecrow
Meet Peter the sailor
Great teamwork to make this super scarecrow.
3 smiley faces.
William's Minecraft scarecrow
A scarecrow in a memorial garden.
Ethan's teddy in disguise as a scarecrow.
Mrs Emery's scarecrow ready to welcome visitors
A very British scarecrow
Phoenix the scarecrow
A very appropriate medical scarecrow
Holly's scarecrow plan
Mrs Andrew's scarecrow watching over the fence
A British hat for a British scarecrow
Mrs Bartle's summery scarecrow
Mrs Bragg's toilet roll scarecrow
Mrs Hill's very happy scarecrow
Howzat! Mrs Moss's cricket  scarecrow
The school scarecrows
Dressed up and ready for VE day

Thursday 7th May

Wartime scones
Afternoon tea with wartime scones
Minecraft virtual meeting for Churchill and Queen
Delicious homemade lemonade
A beautiful butterfly
Helping on the farm
Spam hash and bread pudding
VE day preparations
Jayden and Evies V E day preparations.
Hedgehog awareness day
The guinea pigs enjoying the sun

Wednesday 6th April

Preparing questions for their veteran interview
(The video is below)
Interviewing Gordon from a 2 m distance.
Wartime recipe for gingerbread men
Their Grandad's box from the war
Van Gogh Webinar session
Her amazing interpretation of the sunfowers.
Collecting the toys for a pictogram
Toy pictogram
An invite for a virtual VE day party
Design for a war medal
handmade bunting
Mixing up carrot scones
Fresh out of the oven.

Two lucky boys got the opportunity to interview Gordon up at the monument, although it was a bit blustery. Gordon Causley (98 years old) fought in Northern Africa and Italy during WW2 with the Kings Royal Rifle Corps. A very interesting man with an impeccable memory! Well done boys.

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Tuesday 5th May

Telling the time revision.
Carrot scones. No eggs or milk a little sugar
A magical picture under the sea
Bathing her snake
Both settled for Mr Lea's story.
Data handling work
VE day diary entry.
VE day medal
Hugo's VE day speech

The boys have worked together to write their own VE day poem. Well done both of you.

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Monday 4th May

Delicious jam tarts
They found a pixie tree
Florence's very impressive V]WW2 timeline
A very special VE day photo
VE day colouring
Very careful work
Great Maths
A poster that went toward's Mum's work collage
A poster that went toward's Mum's work collage
A dragonfly landed on her hand while out walking
An otter picture
Banana cake
"I am a robot"
Great Grandad's sailor hat and identity tag

Last week Year 6 had the challenge of making an animated film. 

Click the link below to go to Maples' class page to watch some of their amazing animations.


Two activities for the whole family over the next week, Rainbow Diary writing and a May Day Scarecrow challenge.

Week beginning 27.4.20

Lottie's fantastic project about the parts of the river. It even demonstrates erosion if you watch carefully.

Still image for this video

Friday 1st May

Seed dispersal
Digging up virtual fossils
Ready for his 400m run
Researching his river project
Collecting photos for his PowerPoint.
Standing long jump practise
Working through a Triangle Investigation.
Produced during the Frida Kahlo webinar
A 3D model of the river system- in an egg box
Aberdeen Angus's by the river Lew
Collecting her materials
Creating a stick dinosaur
The final creation

Thursday 30th April

Baking time, reading the recipe and measuring
Ready for the oven
Long jump practise
Drawing illustrations
Out for a walk between showers
A horse with a hat.
Seeing the calf who was only a few hours old
A night time walk
Creating frogs from egg boxes.

Wednesday 29th April

A colourful chameleon
A clear story plan
A fiery looking dragon
River research
Alicia's number and hand creations.
Up for another baking challenge
Delicious merigues
Working out today;s Maths challenge
Homemade card sent to Captain Tom for his birthday

Tuesday 28th April

Beautiful flower. Paints, oil pastels,cotton buds
Bike riding in the rain
Dinosaur models
Den building like they did at Eden Project

Monday 27th April

Researching rivers around the world
3D model of a river system
Beautiful art work
Using the clay collected earlier in the day
Camping adventures
Solving Egyptian secret messages
Dinosaur Haiku poems
Great Maths
.she has donated 10" of her hair to Princess Trust
Collecting clay for their art work
Teamwork bottle feeding a lamb
Flying her homemade kite
Music concert for the family via Zoom
Fashion designing
Designing in the sunshine
Week beginning 20.4.20

Thanking the NHS

Still image for this video

We have a new art challenge for you for the week. There are so many wonderful people giving a 'helping hand' during this lockdown, let's see how many 3D hands we can have in this week. As with previous art challenges the staff have been busy and started you off with some ideas. Send them in to

Alicia Rose's hand
Josh's hand
Dolcie's hand
Yasmin's hand
Holly's hand
Grace's colourful hand
Imogen's helping hand
Mrs St James' hand
Hugo's Spring coloured hand
Evie's Colourful hand
Mrs Baker's rainbow hand
Allanah's black and white 3D hand
Ava's fantastic 3D hand in warm summer colours
Barney's hand
Mrs Jacob's helping hand
Flo's hands
Mala's hand
Vanesa's hand
Livvy's hand
Meely's hand
A lovely bright 3D hand
Super 3Dhand
Anja's 3D hand
Mrs Emery
Mrs Bartle
Mrs Arnold
Miss Tucker
Mrs Andrew
Mrs Bennett
Mrs Hill
Mrs Hill
Mrs Moss
Abigail Bennett
Mrs Voaden
Mrs Moss

Friday 24th April

They found a cased caddisfly larvae in the river
Flapjack Friday
A day for writing
A homemade Maths board game
Creative construction
A super shadow picture from Dolcie
A bright rainbow from Dolcie
A perfect spot for a story
Super writing
A decimal and fraction board game.
Diary writing from a dinosaur's view
Creating a sun in the sun
Let's hope both suns keel shining
Flapjack Friday
Helping out and bathing the dog.
A spot of gardeing
Drying the guinea pigs in the sunshine
Chocolate brownies
That's good teamwork
Following the recipe and baking.
Wow! Amazing volcano work from Molly

Thursday 23rd April

Her hand sewn sea turtle all finished
Dance with Jess Quires this morning
A great rainbow picture
Freshly baked shortbread biscuits.
For those of you missing seeing school.
Phonics time
Recognising St. George's day work.
Vanesa's poem
Vanesa's scavenger hunt. Can you spot everything?
Morning yoga
Den building
A good day for gardening
Identifying leaves

Launching rockets in the sunshine

Still image for this video

Wednesday 22nd April

Skillfully and safely using power tools
A very impressive Bug Hotel
Maths work
School away from school
Focused on fractions
Planning ideas for the big story write tomorrow
Learning fractions
Waiting for the sun to move
A boy and his dog
Learning fractions
A secret wood with a waterfall
Art on the garden.

Well done to Dee & Louie (and Mum) who shaved off their Mum's hair to raise over £2,700 so far for the NHS Urgent Covid 19 Appeal! They did a great job. They did half a head each, firstly with scissors to cut off 6 ponytails each, which are being donated to the Little Princess Trust which make wigs for sick children with no hair, then they clippered off the rest!

Tuesday 21st April

Way up in the tree
A super dinosaur timeline
Athletics and long jump practise.
Sewing her own sea turtle.
Morning yoga
Lock-down hairdressing lessons.
Very impressive for a first haircut
Practising her ocarina
Morning yoga
Poplars have their Science experiments set up
The stem is in 2 different colours.
Which of Ava's flowers will change first?
Experimenting with different colour food dyes
After 1 hour there are signs of a change.
What will happen to Lily's white flowers
Lottie's experiment set up
Maisie's experiment all set up.
Look what has happened after just 1 hour.

Monday 20th April.

Finding fossils like Mary Anning
Finally got one free
A project linked with Bournemouth Orchestra
A great poster
A super piece of diary writing.
Pre-lunch run and bike ride,
Painting outdoors in the sun
A great afternoons art session.
Fishing in the river on the farm,
They found a fish
Farming is a tough job.
Week beginning 13.4.20

18th and 19th April.

Toffee apples in April...why not!
Learning new skills
Fantastic job!
Strange findings from Gracie's walk
Is it a hedge sparrow or blackbird egg?
A great pirate boat creation that floats.
Farming duties
Making Daddy a birthday cake
What an amazing cake
Enjoying a science experiment
Inspired by fossils they found last year
Dinosaurs helping to keep her focused.
A very important lesson learned to day
The perfect cup of tea.

Skimming stones down by the river.

Still image for this video

Volcano tasks for year 6 on Friday. This worked brilliantly.

Still image for this video

Friday 17th April. Flapjack Friday - who else has been baking? Who else took part in the Message of Hope with the National Youth Orchestra and played Ode to Joy outside?

Playing Ode to Joy outside
Playing Ode to Joy out in the garden
A fantastic duet of Ode to Joy
Ode to Joy for the neighbours to hear
Joining the Ode to Joy message of hope.
A super Lego castle
Lots of gardening to do in the sunshine
I wonder what she is going to dig?
Helping Daddy in the garden.
A beautiful spot for some quiet reading.