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Week 1. 13.4.20

Summer Term Newsletter

There is no need to print any of the sheets. For some of the activities you might want to redraw what is on the page but some of the activities you can do by talking about them. If there isn't an adult available at the time maybe make a few notes and chat about it later. 


Week 1 overview. This is an outline for the week. More detailed plans are below for English and Maths. I don't mind if you change the order of the afternoon activities, they can be done on any day depending on what you feel like doing. If you need any other help during the day pop me a message on Dojo and I will get back to you as soon as I see it. Team points will be given for all photos and notes in the journal section uploaded in your portfolio so send as many as you like but at least 1 every day please..

If you are finding fractions tricky have a look at this instead. It does include little help videos.


Science Planning. If you don't have access to a printer you can draw the image of the flower and label your drawing. You might want to take a real flower if you have any in your garden, Write the labels and put them next to the flower.