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Week 3 27.4.20

This week the majority of learning is linked to the parts of a rivers. The children can do as much as they wish producing more than one final piece if they would like so I haven't split the afternoon into so many different subjects. DO NOT feel you need to share every step everyday on ClassDojo as it is going to a final piece at the end of the week, obviously, do share anything that you want my feedback on or they can just type me a comment in the 'journal ' tab if they want to share what they have done. 

In the past year 6 have taken part in an athletics scheme in the Summer term with the opportunity to earn a bronze, silver or gold badge IF they can achieve the set targets in  series of events. Mr Lea has sent the information to me for year 3 and 4 so we will start with the Standing Long Jump. I have put this on the timetable for Wednesday but always you can do they activities whenever they want so if they want to get jumping Monday then that is fine. I have included a video clip to show them a technique and will share with you the necessary distances to achieve later in the week. As this is usually done in school the organisers are asking for video/photographic proof that the children have achieved the distance they say and the targets are quite challenging so not all children will be able to achieve a badge but firstly HAVE FUN and get rid of some energy but if the thought of a badge encourages them then there is that incentive too. 

Take time to make sure you are all ok this week and keep n touch with how things are going. Lots of parents messaged last week with questions and honestly, it will never seem a silly question or request. 

Natalie Moss


Reading comprehension for Monday