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28.5.21 Dynamic Dunescape Project. As part of a joint project with The National Trust, to raise awareness of the importance of sand dunes, we were given a school cow to paint with the theme 'Wilderness. All the children had a go at designing what they thought it should look like and then the ideas were combined to a final design which included forest, Dartmoor and the beach. Each class from YR to Y6, had the opportunity to paint part of the cow to create a very impressive final result.

Poplars' river work inspired by abstract artists.

Poplars produced 3 collaborative pieces of work, each taking a small piece of a Monet painting.

Poplars have been working in the style of Monet to produce river works of art.

Chestnuts have made robots

Year 6 have been busy in Creative Thursday lessons this week.

Using charcoal, chalk and powder paint Poplars created Stone Age Art. NO brushes allowed.

Creative Thursday in Hawthorns has started with colour mixing skills.

Creative Thursday for Poplars was out in the Woodland Area making charcoal and creating Stone Age style pictures