Hatherleigh Community Primary School Caring about learning and learning to care


Personal, social and health education (PSHE) enables pupils to become effective learners and supports them as they move from childhood through adolescence to become independent young people and effective citizens.

As a school we follow the Scarf programme which is part of Coram Life Education.


At Hatherleigh school we aim to:

* Provide a safe and secure environment where children are seen as individuals, taking responsibility for themselves and others.

* Make learning stimulating and to foster a love of learning through delivering a rich curriculum.

* Have successful integration of all children.

* Provide a happy and supportive learning environment.

* Encourage each child to reach their full potential whilst developing tolerance and respect for all.

* Provide opportunities for children to choose enriching experiences and have fun whilst learning new skills.

* Ensure that all areas of the school are accessible.

What is happening in school:


Anti Bullying week- odd socks day

World Mental Health Day 2023


Children's Mental Health Week. Wear your scarf to school day. Year 4 designed and printed their own scarf.

How Oaks class look after their mental health.

Children's mental health week and wear your scarf to school day2023- Chestnuts

Road safety week 2022

Anti bullying week 2022

14.10.22 There are lots of things that children in Oaks worry about but they all agreed that singing can help make things better. As they have been enjoying singing this half term with Mr Curran, they worked together to write a song. Click the link to hear our version of Don't Worry...Be Happy. 


Oaks version of Don't Worry. Be Happy




Part of our SCARF learning has been about cooperation, collaboration and team work. In groups they worked together to be a Human machine. This group decided to be a Human Pizza making machine. Can you work out what each 'job' is?

Click the link below

Human Pizza making machine

Chestnuts talked about and then showed different emotions using our faces.


First Aid Week

Fairtrade fortnight

Wear your scarf to school day

Chestnuts have been thinking about which people are special to us and why.


As part of Poplars' PSHE work on keeping themselves healthy they all made their own sandwich and a healthy party snack of cheese and pineapple hedgehogs.

Red Nose Day

Road safety week

Poplars looked at who is more visible if we are walking by the road at night.

Anti bullying week-odd sock day

Part of Poplars' focus in Anti bullying week was recognising how we behave and how we like others to act around us.


Designing a School Eco Warrior logo.

Fairtrade fortnight

CAP UK assembly. Be Safe, Be Strong. Be Free.

Willows had a fire talk from Bideford Fire Fighters.

Firefighters from Bideford fire station came into school to talk to Willows (Y2) about fire safety. Willows really enjoyed the talk and learnt lots.

Year 2's business venture this year was to help raise money to go towards their trip to the beach. They tasted biscuits, conducted a survey about children's favourite biscuits then baked and sold them in the play ground. They also made cards, inspired by the Seaside, as part of their ICT lessons which they also sold.