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The aims of science is to encourage children to develop inquiring minds and curiosity about science and the natural world. This is done in a practical way as often as possible. The children develop the skills of scientific inquiry to design and carry out scientific investigations and evaluate scientific evidence to draw conclusions.

Science Curriculum Overview


Spring term. Oaks class have worked really hard learning all about electricity and circuits. They have tested items to see which are conductors and insulators and then at the end of term combined their knowledge with their understanding of Romans to create their own Interactive Electric Roman board game.

Oaks class experimented with string telephones as part of their unit on sound.

World Space week 2022


2020 - 2021

Hawthorns looked for evidence to see who had stolen the bone....

For Science week the Chestnuts helped to solve a crime!

Poplars investigated the power of magnets.

2019 - 2020

Poplars made their own compass using a plastic pot, a bar magnet and a tray of water.

Static electricity

Chestnuts made monster slime

4.2.20 Poplars class investigated the strength of magnets by seeing how many paperclips they could attract in a chain.

4.2.20 We were joined by Professor Mirri for a fascinating Science assembly all about air pressure.

Chestnuts used touch to guess what was inside each balloon

A part of their topic on materials, Willows investigated which materials were waterproof.

Beeches were investigating how different layers of bubble wrap affected its insulating properties.

As part of their Light topic, Poplars have been investigating changing the size, clarity and direction of shadows.

Beeches tested nappies to see which brand was the most absorbent.


Whole school Science investigation. Every class was given the challenge of making a boat that would float and to find the maximum number of 'passengers' it could hold.

Professor Schnaffle 'wowed' us all with experiments using bubbles. Mr P was volunteered by the children to get involved with the dangerous experiment. The Fizz Pop Science club starts after half term.

Poplars had fun investigating the permeability of different soils.

Poplars investigated the size of 'craters' created by dropping balls in sand.

Year 3 and 4's Christmas production showcased what they had been learning in Science. The songs and plays were about rocks and fossils, the digestive system, skeletons and electricity.

Year 4 were fascinated by what they found when they dissected owl pellets.

Science opportunities at Hatherleigh Primary School