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6.1.23. What an interesting myth Romulus and Remus is!. The children enjoyed acting it out to help them remember what happened. They created a freeze frame to show the main characters in the myth.

5.1.22 Creative Thursday . We started our unit on line drawing this afternoon and enjoyed 'taking a line for a walk.'

4.1.23 We tried out a new Talk technique today 'Pay to Say'. I was interesting to see who used their tokens in group discussions. It was great fun too, ask your child to explain how it works.

25.11.22 Friday afternoon Tag rugby with Craig to finish off a very busy week. The children practiced their passing skills, dodging and enjoyed games collecting their opposing teams tags.

This week we have continued writing newspaper reports, with our inspiration coming from the World Cup. You might have missed some of these events in the matches played so far.

14.11.22 Odd Sock Day Monday as part of Anti-bullying week, Road Safety Week and Children in Need. What a week! They created role plays with different scenarios for how to cross the road safely.

10.11.22 Using their skills they have worked on this term with shading pencils the children did an amazing job shading in a poppy, ahead of Remembrance Day tomorrow.

3.11.22 Carnival Crepe papering has arrived at school. Having lived in Hatherleigh for 13 years I have never crepe papered so this was a brand new experience for me too. The children did an amazing job with their pieces of bunting.

17th to 19th October. What a fabulous 3 days the children had at Hooke Court.

18th. The children learnt about how women were treated during these times and differences between Spartans and Athenians.

18th The children's artistic skills were evident when decorating their plates with Greek patterns and their names written in the Greek alphabet.

18th. The children had fun doing Greek cooking. It was a very messy task for several groups making the savoury and sweet bread and the hummus, mixing it by hand. The sweats were a big hit made with dates, sultanas and cinnamon. Authentic ancient scissors were used for snipping the onion, leek and rosemary..

17th. The evening activity was to learn about Greek vases and pottery and make their own clay vase.

Team building activities were the first task.

17.10.22 All left with the right kit, packed lunch and massive smiles.

'Don't Worry.....Be happy.' Oaks version.

This is Oaks' version of 'Don't Worry..Be Happy' written by the children and Mr Curran.

(Click the link below to hear it)


Don't Worry..Be Happy. by Oaks



14.10.22. As part of our Addition and Subtraction unit we will be working on speed and fluency of numberbonds. We used dice to add 2 or 3 numbers looking for doubles, near doubles and pairs making 10.It was fun even if it was really noisy.

Some of our PTFA Christmas card designs.

6.10.22 In Science this week, the children investigated how sound travels by making string telephones. They could feel the vibrations on the string when the string was tight..

30.9.22 Despite the wet weather, we enjoyed the whole school walk today. Plenty of puddles, beautiful surroundings and we even spotted a deer, The children walked with lots of smiles, so much chat and still had energy for games after lunch.

29.9.22 They continued their learning about Hinduism today by matching up pictures and information about Hindu Gods.


What an enthusiastic group of singers they were on Friday afternoon. Next week they are going to start to learn one of Mr Curran's own songs that he has written.

Shotgun by Oaks

23.9.22. It's not all singing, Art and roleplay in Oaks. The children have worked hard using their knowledge of number to estimate the position of 3 digit numbers on number lines and written their own version of Theseus and the Minotaur.

Click on the photograph to read their stories. We have worked on different ways of making our writing descriptive for the reader. These are first drafts and most written completely independently, using their plan. we will edit the spelling and punctuation errors next week.

22.9.22 As part of our learning about Ancient Greek markets, known as an agora, we found out what you would have seen if you had visited. The children took on different roles from fishmonger and cobbler, to children playing and socialising as well as coming together to listen to an important spokesman.

21.9.22 Harvest festival. As a class we write our own harvest song. We weren't going to be able to video in the church so here is one of our rehearsals


.Oaks' Harvest song


A popular choice by Mr Curran for our Friday sing.



14.9.22 We took advantage of the sunshine and went outside for PE.

9.9.22 It has been a long but enjoyable first week back. After all their hard work and the sad news of the Queen we finished with a positive message in a class song, taught and led by Mr Curran.

Fantastic, after just half an hour practise.

Still image for this video

6.9.22. Inspired by the story of Theseus, the children painted what they thought the Minotaur might have looked like.

5.9.22. What a busy first day we have had. We started our History unit on Ancient Greeks by looking at the Greek myth Theseus and the Minotaur. We used actions to help remember the sequence of the story, acted out the story and created excellent freeze frames.

Welcome to Oaks Class!


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18.7.22. Trying our best to keep cool while finishing their South American topic work

18.7.22 The children chopped and thought about the presentation of their quinoa salad.

15.7.21 As part of our South American topic and in preparation for cooking on Monday the children 'enjoyed' an afternoon of food tasting.

6th July. It was a lovely sunny afternoon for our Sports Day practice. We had different running races including the popular/much-hated long distance laps, standing jump and this year's new event, the hammer throw.

1st July . Rio Carnival has come to Hatherleigh. Our DT work linked to our Geography topic this week. We have designed and created our own Rio inspired headdress.

23.6.22 Mrs Bragg taught us some really important first aid today. We now know how to deal with incidents including nose bleeds, grazes, head bumps and how to put someone into the recovery position.

23.6.22 To start our DT project of designing and making a Rio Carnival inspired headdress, we watched clips from the 2019 Rio carnival and used Kleki to design their creation.

Jubilee celebrations. After making our class mosaic, under the guidance of Mrs Emery, the children all made their own '70' mosaic. The last day of term was finished off brilliantly with the whole school Tea Party.

29.4.22 We have been incredibly impressed with the quality of writing in English this week. Our text is Beowulf and the chldren were using prepositional phrases, fronted adverbials and thinking about the vocabulary to describe Grendel's approach towards Heorot. These are our redrafted versions.