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23.5.24 In Science today the children made their own Top Trump cards with animals from the Amazon rainforest. The categories were Population, Height or length, weight and life expectancy. Hopefully, they have shared them with you and played the game..

The weather was perfect for a Samba dance session with Mrs Bailey this afternoon.

17.5.24 ,We have been working on their skipping skills over the last 2 weeks for our morning exercise. Their skills are really coming on.

We travelled to South America this afternoon to try different South American fruits. Pomegranate, physalis, lime, passionfruit, mango and pineapple. Some were more popular than others,

As part of our science work on minibeasts and their habitats, we have been looking around different areas of school finding and classifying insects.

8.5.24 The children were brilliant today taking part in their level 1 bikeabillity.

25.3.24 Last week we started to learn about the 350 jobs that are part of the NHS. We were treated to a fun afternoon visit from Lou, Anita and James who all have highly skilled jobs in hospitals. We learnt about some aspects of their jobs as an ED consultant, a surgeon and an anesthetist. The children had the opportunity to have a go at using steri-strips to help an orange heal, use key hole surgery equipment and learn about the many bones in our body.

22.3 Luckily the sun came out today in time for the children to get out and do some measuring which they used to help work out the perimeter of different areas of the garden.

Roman Sandal project. We started by looking at different sandals and how they stay on our feet. Knowing that Roman soldiers had adjustable sandals because they sometimes wore woollen socks when it was cold, we needed to make our sandals adjustable. The children had an hour to make a prototype before our fashion show. Then after discussing the aspects that worked and how they could improve their design they made a final design.

23.2.24 The class thoroughly enjoyed the cricket session with Martin and Ann Marie today. They practiced bowling and fielding skills before taking part in a high-energy game. .

12.2 If you went down to a Roman market today what do you think you would see? Our freeze frames show daily life from fishing, trading in the market, children playing knucklebones, speakers talking to crowds and people enjoying themselves practising acting and singing.

2.2.24 NSPCC Number Day. We had a great day today playing dice games, learning to read each others minds with a dice trick, solving number puzzles and creating our own Number hats for lunchtime.

8.2. As the final piece of work for their art unit on line, they have been producing printing tiles. The first print was a single colour then they worked on 2 prints that used 2 colours.

As part of our learning about Romans in Britain we focused on the Celts today. They would certainly have made an impression on invading Romans.

The children have been building on their understanding of electricity by creating different circuits.

We joined other schools this afternoon for a Tag rugby festival at Holsworthy College. They took part 8 different activities that linked to Tag rugby skills. Everyone participated with great enthusiasm and represented the school brilliantly showing supportive attitudes to all involved. We clearly have some budding rugby stars.

19.10.23 Part of their RE work today was drawing Rangoli patterns. It was great to get out in the playground and have the chance for large scale artwork.

Hooke Court was amazing. Our 3 day stay in Dorset really supported the children's History learning, giving them a really in-depth experience. The children were busy with pottery making, jewelery making, learning Greek Writing, cooking Greek food and much more.

10.10 Mental Health Day. To mark Mental health day we all thought about how we like to relax and keep ourself in a good place mentally. Do you like to count in your head, do something sporty, be creative and draw or make something or sit and read quietly?

5.10 In Science we continued to investigate Sound.

4.10 PSHE today followed our SCARF scheme and focused on collaboration. Being robot machines they had to mime making something, with each child playing an important part. It was fun trying to guess what they were making.

4.10 The children who are part of Brownies showed us their badges today and sung us a few Brownies songs.

29.9.23. Whole School Walk. The children did incredibly well for our long walk today, made even more fun by plenty of puddles and mud.

22.10 We had our Harvest workshop this afternoon. The children thoroughly the visiting the van and seeing and weighing the different vegetables.

19.9.23. The children met my Quiet Critters today. We talked about good learning behaviours and what qualities we like in a work partner. Everyone illustrated and signed our 'contract banner.'

19.9 Learning about expanded noun phrases this morning, our 2 volunteers got stickered. 'Black socks with a sparkly heart' ,'clean yellow shirt with a school logo.' 'black shoes with a Nike logo', 'blonde brown hair with white strands' . These were a few examples. Hopefully they could explain to you what they were and if they cover the fridge or you with post-its I apologise.

18.9 . The weather was awful this morning so our morning exercise was chair aerobics with sit-ups, chair burpees, tricep dips and press ups.

14.9.23 Mrs Hill continued their work on sound by setting up experiments for them to do which demonstrated the vibrations caused by sound waves.

12.9. Our PE focus was balance and movement. They started by creating balances on different parts of their body then played a version of Stuck in the Mud, but to be freed they had to match the person's balance.

This week we have been learning the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. The children acted out the story which was a lot of fun. Each group created freeze frames to show part of the story.

7.9.23 Creative Thursday. The Minotaur was half man and half bull. They have created their own creature to go in the labyrinth, in their own story next week. Can you work out which 2 animals their creatures are made of?

6.9.23 What wonderful weather we have had to start the term. We were able to use the field first thing this morning for our Early exercise.

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Meet the class

Meet the staff

13.7.23 NOT the sports day that we hoped for but we went out on the field for vortex and hammer throws, sprints and then for those still standing, a long distance run. Great team spirit and encouragement for each other.

4.7.23 French day. Part of the morning was spent with the children taking on my challenge. Given 5 sheets of newspaper, 1 sheet of sugar paper, a limited amount of masking tape and scissors, which group could build the tallest most stable Eiffel Tower. They demonstrated great cooperation and a few groups actually managed to produce something that stood up by itself.

4.7.23 Having told them that I couldn't get snails or frogs legs but that I had sourced French worms instead, we couldn't believe how many were keen to try them.

7.6.23. Today, as part of the Gods Acre churchyard nature survey, where churches throughout the country have a census of nature in their grounds we had a session looking at the different flowers and insects around the church. Organized by Mrs Gibb we went equipped with identifying sheets and clipboards. Jo Pullin led the insect and bug hunt, helping the children to identify what they found. As a class we found 27 different types of bugs, beetles, spiders, caterpillars, flies,etc.

6.6.23 Hunting for angles. Having learnt about acute, obtuse, reflex angles and right angles we went out side to see how many we could find.

To finish our topic on South America, we talked about fruits that grow in England and fruits that come from warmer countries. They tasted mango, papaya, pineapple, passionfruit, lime, dragon fruit and figs. They were all brave enough to eat most of them or at least have the tiniest of tastes or lick. As you can see from their faces some fruits were a bigger hit than others.

22.5.23 We had a fantastic morning learning about Samba instruments and rhythms.

The weather was perfect, so we were able to do our Samba parade out on the field. 

Click the links to watch  a few clips. 


Samba 1

Samba 2

Samba Parade 1 

Samba Parade 2

17.5.23 With headdresses all finished it was time to Samba.