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7.6.23. Today, as part of the Gods Acre churchyard nature survey, where churches throughout the country have a census of nature in their grounds we had a session looking at the different flowers and insects around the church. Organized by Mrs Gibb we went equipped with identifying sheets and clipboards. Jo Pullin led the insect and bug hunt, helping the children to identify what they found. As a class we found 27 different types of bugs, beetles, spiders, caterpillars, flies,etc.

6.6.23 Hunting for angles. Having learnt about acute, obtuse, reflex angles and right angles we went out side to see how many we could find.

To finish our topic on South America, we talked about fruits that grow in England and fruits that come from warmer countries. They tasted mango, papaya, pineapple, passionfruit, lime, dragon fruit and figs. They were all brave enough to eat most of them or at least have the tiniest of tastes or lick. As you can see from their faces some fruits were a bigger hit than others.

22.5.23 We had a fantastic morning learning about Samba instruments and rhythms.

The weather was perfect, so we were able to do our Samba parade out on the field. 

Click the links to watch  a few clips. 


Samba 1

Samba 2

Samba Parade 1 

Samba Parade 2

17.5.23 With headdresses all finished it was time to Samba.


Click the link below to watch Oaks' Samba dance with Jess.


Samba dance

5.5.23 Happy Coronation Friday everyone

28.4.23. Well done to the children who were chosen to play in the football matches this afternoon against Winkleigh school.

26.4.23 Our English lessons have focused around the book The Great Kapok Tree. After learning about the harmful affects of destroying the rainforest they created a poster style story to share these facts. These are their first drafts and the focus was then on performing their story for an audience. Their recordings will follow.

24.4.23 Today we took advantage of the dry weather and had our Maths lesson outside. Using different equipment they measured and worked out the perimeter of different things around the playground. Back in class we converted the measurements from cm and m.

21.4.23 We finished our mosaic tiles today. Definitely a messy job.

Our Spring term portfolio task was colour mixing to paint these beautiful roses. The children did a great job.

24.3.23. Our Roman mosaics are coming along well.

22.3.23 It was lovely and sunny this morning for our morning exercise. The children continued to work on their skipping skills and stamina.

22.3.23 The children used their Science skills and knowledge of electric circuits and their History knowledge of Romans to create their Roman Electric matching board. Some of them showed Mrs Jacob (our History lead) and explained how they had made them.

16.3.23 I'm not sure what the Romans and Boudicca would have made of Oaks class today.... they certainly looked scary.

10.3.23. We have had a creative week. The children have continued to work on their roman sandals for their DT and their Roman mosaic designs.

2.3.23 World Book Day

27.2.23 We had a really enjoyable afternoon at Holsworthy College for the Tag Rugby festival. There were 6 different activities to help us learn the skills before playing a game.

21.2.23 Cakes were a perfect way to develop our understanding of fractions smaller and greater than 1.

As part of our work for Children's Mental Health day, lots of us wore a scarf to school and we designed and printed a scarf.

8.2.23 Children's mental Health Week.

3.2.23 Our text for English is linked to our Rome topic. The Character has been transported back in time to Ancient Rome. We worked on retrieving information that showed the differences between the 2 worlds.

The children took on the characters of Joe and Lucy and roleplayed a conversation that could have happened between the two. They used what they had heard in the story so far. Click the link below.

Taking on the role of Joe and Lucy


After creating different Roman inspired line drawings, the children created a polystyrene printing tile. We had some amazing results.

26.1.23 Our Creative Thursday unit on 'line' continued with the children creating a string picture using 1 piece of wool. It was a very sticky afternoon.

The children have been investigating how to make a light bulb light and which materials electricity can travel through.

6.1.23. What an interesting myth Romulus and Remus is!. The children enjoyed acting it out to help them remember what happened. They created a freeze frame to show the main characters in the myth.

5.1.22 Creative Thursday . We started our unit on line drawing this afternoon and enjoyed 'taking a line for a walk.'

4.1.23 We tried out a new Talk technique today 'Pay to Say'. I was interesting to see who used their tokens in group discussions. It was great fun too, ask your child to explain how it works.

25.11.22 Friday afternoon Tag rugby with Craig to finish off a very busy week. The children practiced their passing skills, dodging and enjoyed games collecting their opposing teams tags.

This week we have continued writing newspaper reports, with our inspiration coming from the World Cup. You might have missed some of these events in the matches played so far.

14.11.22 Odd Sock Day Monday as part of Anti-bullying week, Road Safety Week and Children in Need. What a week! They created role plays with different scenarios for how to cross the road safely.

10.11.22 Using their skills they have worked on this term with shading pencils the children did an amazing job shading in a poppy, ahead of Remembrance Day tomorrow.

3.11.22 Carnival Crepe papering has arrived at school. Having lived in Hatherleigh for 13 years I have never crepe papered so this was a brand new experience for me too. The children did an amazing job with their pieces of bunting.

17th to 19th October. What a fabulous 3 days the children had at Hooke Court.

18th. The children learnt about how women were treated during these times and differences between Spartans and Athenians.

18th The children's artistic skills were evident when decorating their plates with Greek patterns and their names written in the Greek alphabet.