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Dance & French workshops

Dance and French workshops week 3


Bonjour! Miss Squire here with your links for this week. 


In Dance we travel back in time to the 1980s and bust some moves to a great selection of 80s music (some of the teachers and parents will probably enjoy these too!). In French we revise the rooms of the house and start learning directions.


Click the links below (or copy and paste them into your chosen browser) and it will automatically take you to the workshop. The warm up is separate again this week for dance, so do the warm up session first, then the 80s workshop.


Key Stage One

Warm Up:

1980's Dance:


Key Stage Two Dance

Warm Up:

1980's Dance:



For all years:


Have fun everyone! :)


Dance and French workshops week 2


Hello everybody!


 I am delighted to be sending this week's lockdown learning to you. In dance, we travel back in time to the 1970s and dance along to some (more!) fabulously cheesy disco tunes, and in French, we learn more words for rooms in the house.


Click the links below (or copy and paste them) to take you to the sessions.

Don't forget this is a great way to stay active, and can be done in snippets throughout the week, or in one go (and even multiple times!).



Key Stage 1 Dance:


Key Stage 2 Dance:


Fun French for all:


I'm looking forward to seeing your 'number 4' attempts in French!


Take care all, Miss Squire :)


French workshop week 1


Please use this link to access Miss Squire's French workshop


Dance workshops week 1


Miss Squire here: Happy New Year everyone!


Let’s stay fit, happy and healthy together!


... and here we go - we are starting our online sessions with a New Year dance party! A super fun selection of great songs and some blasts from the past to help us to keep us active, and for those of you at home, suitable for the whole family to do too. 


All you need to do is press the link below which will take you to YouTube and you can then dance along. Please note the link is set to private rather than public so you need to click it to get to the video, you won’t be able to search for it. Any technical issues, please get in touch. 


Adults - There are health and safety instructions in the video notes, so please read them before dancing.


Key Stage 1:

Week 1 Dance:


Key Stage 2: 

Week 1 Dance:


Don’t forget the videos will stay online, so why not do a little (or the whole thing) every day? Good for getting the wiggles out. 


Enjoy! Best wishes, Miss Squire