Hatherleigh Community Primary School Caring about learning and learning to care

Our School

Welcome to Hatherleigh School. We hope you enjoy looking at our website. If you wish to contact us our Headteacher is Mr Alan Monger and our e-mail address is


If you wish to contact your child's teacher or would like more information about the curriculum or extra-curricular activities (including Childcare Provision on site), please either call into school or send an email to

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Hatherleigh Community Primary School

Caring about Learning and Learning to Care


The Aims of Our School


We want our Children to be happy, to be confident and to enjoy coming to School. We want to enable our Children to become healthy, active and successful learners with high aspirations, whist developing tolerance and respect or others in the local and in the wider community.  


We will work cooperatively and in collaboration with others to

  • Nurture and strengthen the desire to learn
  • Create a secure, inclusive, happy environment in which courtesy and consideration for others play an import part
  • Take a personal interest in each pupil's educational and social progress, developing individual talents and maintaining the highers standards
  • Develop a curriculum which is flexible enough to respond to the needs of pupils of different ages and abilities
  • Offer enriching experiences where Children have fun whilst learning new skills
  • Equip all pupils with the working skills that they need to be independent and confident in all aspects of life, promoting self esteem and pride in their own achievements.


As a Community School we strive to nurture happy and self-confident Children who are inspired to learn to have an open mind and a moral conscience.


The School Will:

Provide a safe and secure environment.

Encourage the children to achieve high standards of learning and behaviour and to do their best at all times.

Set, discuss and monitor home learning.

Arrange regular parents evenings and send home annual reports on children's progress.

Keep parents informed about school activities, what the children are learning, and any concerns.

Offer opportunity for parents and carers to become involved in the daily life of the school.



The Family:

I will:

Make sure my child attends School regularly, on time and appropriately equipped.

Provide an explanation for any absence.

Provide support and create opportunity for home learning with my child.

Support the school policies and guidelines for behaviour.

Let the school know about any concerns or problems that may affect my child's learning and/or behaviour.

Attend parents meetings regularly to discuss my child's progress.



The Child will try to keep to the Golden Rules of the School:

  • We are gentle
  • We are kind and helpful
  • We listen
  • We are honest
  • We work hard
  • We look after property