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Welcome to Beeches Class!


Dear Beeches

I hope you are all enjoying the Easter holidays!  It was a very odd way to end the term and I apologise to anyone that I was not able to say good bye to in our last week.  

I won't be setting any homelearning over the next two weeks of the Easter break but you will need to continue with parts of your learning.  These are reading (around 10 minutes or more everyday), learning your tables (maths is so much easier if you know them all), practise your spellings (the Yr 3,4,5,6 words are all in your learning diaries) and exercise (the Joe Wicks workouts are great but anything that gets you out of breath).  If you are looking for more learning to do over the holidays there are a lot of website links on the Whole School Home Learning tab.

After Easter I will be putting more structured tasks on the website for English and Maths, Science and topic.

Mrs Orbell has already sent out the message below to prepare you all for next term.


Advance notice!

There will an interesting and fun Science activity coming up in the next few weeks but you will need to collect some resources.

You will need: One full 200g crisp tube (or similar)

                         Seven empty crisp tubes as above

                         Sand or rice to fill these



                         Paper, crayons and stickers to decorate. 


Have a good Easter!  Hopefully we will see you all soon.


Mr P, Mrs Bragg and Mrs Arnold


Picture 1


Picture 1
Picture 1 Mr Pearson
Picture 2 Mrs Bragg
Picture 3 Mrs Orbell
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22.5.19 Cricket festival. Well done to all the cricketers who represented the school so well on Wednesday. We had 4 teams who all played exceptionally well and demonstrated great sportsmanship.

Smiles, laughter and achievements on Beeches' Residential.