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How does Hatherleigh Primary School support those children with special educational needs who join the school?

Transitions from school to school (and within school) can be difficult for all children but this may be even more challenging for children with additional needs. To ensure a smooth transition we have close links to the pre-school and the SENDCO (and sometimes the class teacher) attends any meetings of children with special educational needs due to move up to the school. During these meetings transition is an important area which is discussed. Parents/ Carers are welcome to come and have a look around the school with the SENDCo to discuss specific needs.  Sometimes a ‘moving on book’ with pictures of the new school may help and so this will be made. 


Moving onto another school
We will make sure that any records (such as Intervention Plans / Behaviour Plans / professionals' reports) are passed on as soon as possible.  ‘A Moving On Book’ will be made if it is thought that this would be beneficial.


Moving classes within school

A ‘Moving On Book’ will be made if this is thought to be beneficial.

All children have a ‘Moving On Morning’ when they visit their new teacher and enjoy some activities.

Visits to the classroom (particularly for children moving from Foundation stage to Year) 1 will be incorporated into the Summer Term. The teachers have meetings in the Summer Term when they pass on any records and information required about all the pupils in their class.  Parents and carers are welcome to request additional meetings with new members of staff.