Hatherleigh Community Primary School Caring about learning and learning to care


Computing is all around us and increasingly part of our everyday life.  At Hatherleigh Primary School we aim to help children to become not only confident users of technology but also creators.


Coding is taught using visual learning environments such as Kodu and Scratch.  Children have the chance to express their creativity, solve problems and take a systematic approach.


From an early age we aim to teach children how to balance their digital life with offline experiences and to give them the skills to stay safe online.

Leaver's play theme 2018

Y6 2018 combined their music and computing skills to compose a theme tune for their leaving play.

Poplars have enjoyed creating their own world using Kodu and programming characters.

The Chestnuts had great fun programming the Beebots to try to make a square.

Hawthorns have been practising changing the colour and style of fonts.