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Poplars class March 8th

Olympics 2021

Our work for the last 2 weeks has been centred on the Olympics. The children have been working hard learning the different countries taking part and being able to find them on an world map. We have looked at how the Olympics started and the events that are included. Our morning runs have included 'triathlons' too.


Watch our video celebrating the amazing sporting event that was postponed from last year. 

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Poplars at the Olympics


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16.7.21. The weather was scorching for our bubbled sports day. We were really impressed with how well the children competed in both the track and field events. Thank you to all the adults who were able to come and support the children.

13.7.12. Jo and Helen visited school today and we enjoyed a talk on bats and the opportunity to go bug hunting.

12.7.12 We enjoyed a visit from Ranger Russ and friends this morning. The children were really brave and got up close to Clive the 12ft reticulated python, Doris the Boa constrictor, Brian the Giant African Land snail, Poppy the Leopard Gecko. the exoskeleton from Chomper, the orange knee tarantula and a few large stick insects. It was a shame that they couldn't actually handle them this year but it was a great experience.

6.7.21 A big thank you to Dr Simpson for coming in to talk to Poplars about skeletons and bones as part of our Science topic. He brought a selection of bones that the children were able to have a close look at and were fascinated by. They were able to name lots of them and of course our very own Eric was happy to oversee the discussion.

1.7.21 Poplars had a fantastic trip to the river on Thursday morning as part of their river topic. They went armed with lots of equipment including measuring tapes, metre sticks, nets, magnifying pots and the very technical piece of equipment- some dog biscuits.The session was organised through Jo Pullin's project called Conservation Communities for Devon Wildlife Trust. The children found river invertebrates such as mayfly nymphs, stonefly nymphs, caddisfly larvae which indicate that the River Lew is unpolluted. They also found a couple of baby fish. The children came back very wet and had had a fantastic time. Thank you to Jo, Alan and Elizabeth Durrant and Helen for their time and expertise.

30.6.21 Today Tino from Hatherleigh Cricket Club ran our club. They played a match, where they all had the chance to bat, bowl and wicket keep, and then ended with a catching competition. There were lots of very impressive catches.

30.6.21. As we start of topic on Bridges, I gave the children the challenge to make a bridge using 1 sheet of paper, that stretched across a gap of 20cm and could hold as many plastic cubes as possible.

18.6.21 Today we had another visit from OCRA for an athletics session. The children got to test their throwing skills they have been working on in PE lessons with a vortex throw, show their long jump skills and they completed 2 timed runs: a short sprint and a 400m run. Mhairi was so impressed with their times especially for the longer run.

15.6.21 Mrs Monger organised an afternoon's activity to teach us about the different countries in Europe, their flag and their capital city. We had a lot of fun but also learnt a lot. Ask us how many capital cities we can now name.

28.5.21. Our annual World Cup day was slightly different this year with children competing in class groups for their country (Portugal, Brazil, Argentina or Italy). under the watchful eyes of the day's referees, Mr P and Craig Pemberthy, the children took part playing 3 matches. It was great to see the children cheering and encouraging their team mates.

28.5.21 As part of a joint project with the National Trust, to raise awareness of the importance of sand dunes, all the children got the opportunity to contribute towards painting our school cow. The theme for our cow was Wilderness and after looking through their initial designs we incorporated forest, Dartmoor and the beach. Poplars started her off by sponging some of the sky, a few groups went later on and added to the landscape of Dartmoor and then the last few children added some final touches at the end of the day with leaves, ferns and details in the sea. We think the whole school did an amazing job.

27.5.21 As part of their focus on healthy eating the children cooked pepper pizza this morning.

26.5.21 It was a perfect afternoon for Cricket Club today. Thank you to Ann Marie and Hester from Hatherleigh Cricket Club who are running the after school club. The children thoroughly enjoyed the game at the end.

25.5.21 We had a change for our morning exercise this week and the children have been practising their skipping and 'skip-ball' skills.

21.5.21 Our English work has been linked to the wonderful book called Flotasm. We created a class story set by a river (use your imagination for the first photos). All the children created their own magical underwater photo and wrote a descriptive paragraph to describe it.

PSHE has been focusing on keeping themselves healthy. After discussing different combinations of sandwich fillings and choosing foods from different food groups they planned how to make their own sandwich. As an extra treat they all made a cheese and pineapple hedgehog.

5.5.21 We looked at abstract art work inspired by rivers and water. Using oil pastels the children created their own abstract river picture.

29.4.21. Having produced our collaborative art work last week we worked in Monet's style again and created our own river pictures.

28.4.21. This afternoon we dissected tulips to find the different parts of the flower. They could name parts including the stem, leaves, petals, stamen, stigma, filament, anthers and pollen.

26.4.21 We did have a Maths objective today it wasn't just playing with water. The children were reading different scales and comparing the capacity of different measuring containers. It was so lovely to be able to do this outside.

22.4.21 What a perfect Thursday afternoon. Art linked to our river topic and dance in the sunshine with Jess. For Creative Thursday this week I cut 3 pictures, painted by Monet, up into 9 pieces. We each had a piece to paint then I put our pieces back together to create a great collaborative piece of work.

20.4.21 I can't think of a better way to start the term than being able to do our 10 minute run on the field.

31.3.21 To finish our topic on Ancient Egypt Mrs Monger taught us about some of the differences between Ancient and modern Egypt and how to count to 10 in Arabic..

Still image for this video

30.3.21 We have worked hard on dragon poems over the last 2 weeks so we went to the Woodland area and recorded everyone reading their poem. It was quite a challenge over the noise of the traffic and the new lambs in the field.

30.3.21 Our 10 minute run got interrupted this morning when someone spotted a slow worm on the edge of the playground.

29.3.21 The sun was shining which made it feel like a real Summer's day- just perfect for a spot of cricket. We enjoyed our session with Ann Marie and Nial and the children practised their throwing, catching, and control of the bat.

26.3.21  We recorded recorder pieces for the Spring Concert. Do visit that page to hear how well the children played. More will follow next week. 

25.3.21 Some children chose to use the acrylic paint to finish off their clay flower plaque. (The remaining photographs will be uploaded next week. )

23.3.21 Making a magnetic maze in preparation for our DT project

19.3.21 Red Nose Day

19.3.21 The children showed amazing enthusiasm, perseverance and energy running the OCRA mile cross country course.

19.3.21. We continued working on the clay flower plaques this afternoon.

18.3.21 Creative Thursday. We worked so hard on our clay flower plaques. We rolled thin sausages for the stems, created petals from spheres and added details using the clay tools. Making the slip was a messy job but hopefully all the parts are securely fixed.

17.3.21 This afternoon we used bar magnets, a plastic tray and water to make our own compass. We then imagined they were boats and was able to make them move around the tray and we even finished with magnet boat racing.

Using our new play equipment

16.3.21 Testing the strength of magnets.

The children did an amazing job creating their Kalla lily Mother's Day cards with paint and a piece of string. I hope all the Mums had a great day.

11.3.21 For Creative Thursday this week we started our clap plaques. We used a small piece of clay to have a go at making thin stems, spheres and petal shapes.

10.3.21 Marvelous Magnets. We had great fun this afternoon investigating what items were magnetic and what weren't. We found we could move some items without touching them and some of the magnets were strong enough to work through tables and chairs. It was amazing when we could have an item dangling from another. We now know that to be magnetic the item must have some Iron, Cobalt or Nickel in.