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Poplars class March 8th

31.3.21 To finish our topic on Ancient Egypt Mrs Monger taught us about some of the differences between Ancient and modern Egypt and how to count to 10 in Arabic..

Still image for this video

30.3.21 We have worked hard on dragon poems over the last 2 weeks so we went to the Woodland area and recorded everyone reading their poem. It was quite a challenge over the noise of the traffic and the new lambs in the field.

30.3.21 Our 10 minute run got interrupted this morning when someone spotted a slow worm on the edge of the playground.

29.3.21 The sun was shining which made it feel like a real Summer's day- just perfect for a spot of cricket. We enjoyed our session with Ann Marie and Nial and the children practised their throwing, catching, and control of the bat.

26.3.21  We recorded recorder pieces for the Spring Concert. Do visit that page to hear how well the children played. More will follow next week. 

25.3.21 Some children chose to use the acrylic paint to finish off their clay flower plaque. (The remaining photographs will be uploaded next week. )

23.3.21 Making a magnetic maze in preparation for our DT project

19.3.21 Red Nose Day

19.3.21 The children showed amazing enthusiasm, perseverance and energy running the OCRA mile cross country course.

19.3.21. We continued working on the clay flower plaques this afternoon.

18.3.21 Creative Thursday. We worked so hard on our clay flower plaques. We rolled thin sausages for the stems, created petals from spheres and added details using the clay tools. Making the slip was a messy job but hopefully all the parts are securely fixed.

17.3.21 This afternoon we used bar magnets, a plastic tray and water to make our own compass. We then imagined they were boats and was able to make them move around the tray and we even finished with magnet boat racing.

Using our new play equipment

16.3.21 Testing the strength of magnets.

The children did an amazing job creating their Kalla lily Mother's Day cards with paint and a piece of string. I hope all the Mums had a great day.

11.3.21 For Creative Thursday this week we started our clap plaques. We used a small piece of clay to have a go at making thin stems, spheres and petal shapes.

10.3.21 Marvelous Magnets. We had great fun this afternoon investigating what items were magnetic and what weren't. We found we could move some items without touching them and some of the magnets were strong enough to work through tables and chairs. It was amazing when we could have an item dangling from another. We now know that to be magnetic the item must have some Iron, Cobalt or Nickel in.

8.3.21 First day back and a beautiful morning for a run.

What we have done so far this term.

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Hello Poplars,


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Mr Lea

Staff who work in Poplars.

1.12.20 It is that time of the year. 1st of December has seen the welcome return of Poplars' elves.

18.12.20. Last day of the Autumn term. Christmas jumpers, Christmas crafts and a surprise group of carol singers.

17.12.20 Christmas pantomime and party afternoon. The children all loved the Pantomime, The Snow Queen, which was organised by the PTFA. The class were exceptionally good at Musical Statues, reverse Musical Bumps was great fun to watch and balloon racing definitely raised the noise levels.

16.12.20 Christmas dinner, which included a surprise visit from Father Christmas, followed by a sticky crafty afternoon.

15.12.20 Elf Workshop. Thank you to the PTFA who provided a craft activity for each child. The children have done an amazing job constructing, painting and decorating their sleighs.

4.12.20 The children are doing really well learning their recorder and practising at home is definitely helping. This is one of the groups playing today.

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25.11.20 It has been a bit like a disco in our room at times this morning. The children have been testing how reflective different materials and objects were. The sequined PE bag and shiny drinks bottles made great patterns and the mirrors were most effective. The least reflective was the tissue paper and yellow celophane as most of the light travelled through it.

23.11.20. The children used the data they collected as part of their homework and worked in Google sheets using formula to subtract, add and find the total.

18.11.20. Road Safety Week. We talked about how to cross the road safely and acted out different scenarios about crossing the road. Everybody designed a poster with the slogan 'No Need to Speed'.

18.11.20. We linked our Science topic of Light to Road Safety Week. How visible are we in our coats walking by the road in the dark? The reflective jacket was so much clearer to see.

17.11.20. We experimented with torches looking at different shadows. How did they length of the shadow change as the object moved further from the light source?

16.11.20. We are all unique. Well done to the children who remembered to wear odd socks today for the start of anti bullying week.

Part of our focus in Anti bullying week is recognising how we behave and how we like others to act around us.

A sample of the photographs taken by the photographer when he came in to take photos to update the website..

13.11.20 Cross Country. The children showed an incredibly positive attitude to tackling the mile cross country course this afternoon. Despite the mud, the children followed Mr Pearson around the course and nearly all of them crossed the finishing line with a smile.

Children in Need. Well done to all the children who dressed up in spots today. It was lovely to see so many spotty children and Pudseys playing in the sunshine at breaktime.

Poplars proudly present... Sabre. The newest member of our class.

Meet Sabre. Our scarecrow is finally finished and ready for carnival. All the children have helped make him but a big thank you to Mrs Monger who has been at the heart of its creation...(The name was voted for by the children but whether it is a stone Age girl or boy has been left up to them to decide.)

6.11.20 Mrs Wonnacott very kindly came in this morning to plant bulbs on the school field with every class.

22.10.20 The children have been using their colour mixing skills over the last couple of week in Creative Thursday. This week they drew and then painted the autumn leaves they had brought in, paying attention to the shape of the leaf and the colours. We were really impressed.