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Poplars 2020

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All children have brought home their login details for Times Table Rock Stars and Charanga. Do contact me if you have difficulties logging in or using the sites. 

This week we have focused on Stone Age houses. The children travelled back in time and imagined they were estate agents trying to persuade someone to buy their Stone Age house. We were so impressed with how much they remembered in such a short time.

We started our recorder lessons today. Letters have gone home about taking the recorder home to practise.

17.9 We made the most of a sunny afternoon and popped out for a play at the end of the day.

17.9. We used charcoal, chalk and powder paint to make our own Stone Age piece of art. We used our fingers as paint brushes because Stone Age people wouldn't have had brushes.

11.9.20 We looked at some examples of Stone Age art before going to the woodland area where Mrs Andrew lit a fire. We made our own charcoal, using willows sticks and used it to draw animals and figures on a group composition. Using mud and sticks we also created our own individual Stone Age painting.

Thursday afternoon Maths in the Sunshine. Challenge 1 is to count to 30 clapping on the multiples of 2 (2,4,6 etc). Challenge 2 is to also stamp your foot on the multiples of 10 (10, 20, 30). AND challenge 3 is to also then bend your knees on the multiples of 5 (5, 10, 15, etc). For their second attempt at it today I was very impressed. )

We went out for our 10 minute run again today. It was great to see how determined they were to try and run more than yesterday.

On Friday we are are hoping to take the children into the woodland area to make their own charcoal and do some Stone Age Art. If you wish to send in wellies then please do so. 

I hope you have enjoyed the Summer holiday. It certainly has been a unique 5 months so I imagine, for some, next week is possibly a daunting prospect. I have updated the PowerPoint (attached below) with a little but more information and added a few photos below having sorted the classroom.

In English and Maths we will start by recapping the year 2 objectives from the Summer term  and moving on when the children are ready. Our English, for the first week, will follow on from our 'Move Up' transition work. 

You are welcome to bring in a small, simple pencil case from home (not the large fancy ones with drawers and lids that I have seen previously) BUT it is to put the school stationary in and remain in school. You also might like to bring your own reading book. We won't be using the library for a little while but I have got a collection in the classroom if you don't want to.

I look forward to seeing you on Monday, settling in to new routines and school life seeming as normal as it can at the moment. 

The classroom is all ready for Monday

Welcome to Poplars


Dear Poplars, Willows and Parents, 

Welcome to the last week of term. Monday and Tuesday you need to look at the planning for your September class so Poplars check over on Oaks' page and I come back here for Wednesday. Post your work as normal for Mrs Baker to see, although I will no doubt have a sneaky look at what you do.

'Hello' to Willows. Planning for Monday and Tuesday is on the Home learning page 20.7.20. I will be looking on your Dojo pages so post all of your work as you would normally do. I really look forward to seeing what you produce. I have added my transition PowerPoint below and will also add to your Dojo class story page. If you have any questions do send them through Dojo or email

Enjoy the last week of term. 

Best Wishes

Mrs Moss

Welcome to Poplars Class

Who's who?

Poplars' Summer term class pets. (Week 7s drawing challenge linked to Science)

Poplars Summer term. 2020

Our first photograph as Poplars, September 2019

The Egyptian Level

Still image for this video
We finished our afternoon, and Egyptian topic with a mini concert.

20.3.20 We took advantage of the appearance of the sun on Friday afternoon and went outside for a skipping session.

Sport Relief. It was great to have the sunshine for our 10 minute run this morning. Poplars enjoyed a half hour skipping session and a few children bravely demonstrated skills in assembly too.

We made Magnetic maze games as part of our Science topic. With a magnet underneath the box, they moved their magnetic character around the maze.

Fairtrade. As part of some work for Fairtrade fortnight the children used the atlases to find countries where fairtrade foods are grown.

World Book Day

3.3.20. Poplars enjoyed a very energetic but fun skipping workshop with Dan this morning. I hope they have showed you some of their skills.

We decided to join in with Mrs King's 'Extreme reading' challenge.

Our English lessons this half term will focus on stories including dragons. The children have been given the challenge of finding books that have dragons as characters.

25.2.20 We investigated magnetic poles in Science today. They made their own compass with a magnet, plastic pot and tray of water. Then had fun creating speedboats and discovered how fast they could make their 'boat' move around in the water without touching it.

11.2.20 The children enjoyed dressing up in Egyptian clothes this afternoon and writing their name in hieroglyphs on real papyrus paper.

4.2.20 Magnetic mazes. We spent the morning testing the strength of different magnets and then designed and created our own magnetic maze games.

28.1.20 We had a fun and information-packed day with Sabef, the Ancient Egyptian visitor. They helped build an Egyptian boat and a house, looked at different artefacts and discussed what that showed us, helped mummify Tutankhamun's body and even dissected Egyptian poo.

27.1.20 We had a great morning at Okehampton College for the dance and gym event. The bounce track photos are a little bit blurry due to how fast they bounced down the inflatable track but I'm sure the children will tell you all about it.

24.1.20. Playing board games as part of our sequence on learning to tell the time.

7.1.20 'There's a Pharaoh in our Bath'. We created freeze frames for part of the story where the family first meet the Pharaoh. They were surprisingly good at acting out the brother and sisier who were arguing.

9.1.20. We have started our Egyptian topic and spent the afternoon looking at Egyptian painting. We used paint and black fine liners to create our own. Ask the children how Egyptian people were drawn.

Mrs ST James helped the children create a chocolate Christmas tree or bauble.

Poplars have been joined again by 2 cheeky elves. Keep checking back to see what they are getting up to.

Well done for all of your hard work leading up to our production. We were very proud of you all.

6.12.19 This week's certificate winners.

Tricky Triangle Task. I challenged the children to make different triangles (equilateral, right angle, scalene and isosceles) and to be able to identify the angles (acute, obtuse and right angle).

30.11.19 Certificate winners for this week. Well done everyone.

25.11.19 Body Maths. We had a go at making different lines with our bodies. Can you see who made parallel lines, perpendicular lines, vertical, diagonal and horizontal lines?

22.11.19 Our Class assembly

15.11.19 Children in Need

12.11.19. Odd socks for the start of anti-bullying week.

The disabled toilet was a great place to go to investigate making different shadows. They discovered they could make their shadow bigger than them or change its position behind them, they could have more than one shadow and they could make lighter and darker shadows all by moving the torch or by changing how many torches they used.

Recorders Brake Ben, Brake

Still image for this video
After a few weeks of learning to play the recorder they are doing quite well.

A is for Annie's Animals

Still image for this video

We investigated how we could make more than one shadow and what happened when we moved the object nearer or further away from a flat surface.

13.9.19 The Boy with the Bronze Axe freeze frames. So far in our class text... Kali and Brockan had gone to a little rocky island to collect limpets and crabs. The tide came in without them realising and they were stranded. As they started to panic, Tenko managed to row his boat alongside them and get them safely back to Skara Brae.

Our certificate winners so far.

5.9.19 Stone Age Painting. We used power paints, charcoal and our fingers to create a stone age painting.


Poplars February 2019

Mrs Moss
Mrs Emery
Mrs Andrew
Scroll to the bottom of the page for Poplars' Termly Newsletter and ideas for Home learning.  

24.7.19. We enjoyed an end of term treat, a dance games and workshop with Jess. Despite the heat they had the energy for musical games, a team river game and learnt a dance. Thank you to the PTFA who funded our treat.

22.7.19 Our whole school walk adventure. Hills to hike up and down, stiles to climb, trees to limbo and a beautiful spot for lunch. Thank you to all the adults who joined us.

19.7.19. A few weeks ago art club entered an art competition called My Outdoors run by CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England). We were delighted to hear that out of all the entries from schools round Devon, 3 of our children received Highly Commended awards. Penny came to give them their certificates in assembly today and goody bags for the children who took part.

19.7.19. Today's certificate winners.

18.7.19 Sports Day. Poplars performed brilliantly at the cricket club this afternoon.

World War 1 day. Impressive costumes again.

16.7.19. French Day. The children looked fantastic dressed up today. We had a fun day designing and making a tie inspired by France. It was a lovely celebration down at the Community Centre and an opportunity for all the classes to demonstrate the French songs they have learnt over the year.

After learning how to make a paper boat at the Summer Fair, the skill was shared with Art club this afternoon.

After looking at different bridge designs the children had a morning to design and make their own bridge. This time it had to reach across a gap of 20cm and be able to support the weight of a small toy car.

How strong can you make a bridge. that crosses a 10cm gap, using just 1 sheet of A4 paper and 30cm of sellatape? This was their challenge for this morning. We had great fun testing them.

As part of our Rivers topic we wrote Tanka poems today.

28.6.19 A beautiful day for a 10 minute run on the field. We then went maths outside for part of maths and were estimating what we could do in one minute.

21.6.19 Hatherleigh's Got Talent auditions. We were treated to an afternoon of talent for our class auditions. There was a real variety from dances, magic tricks and musical performances.

21.6.19 The sun was shining for our Friday 10 minute run, skip or walk. Quite a few of the children are interested in aiming for the OCRA 13 half marathon Challenge.

14.6.19. Poplars played a few of the tunes in assembly that they have been learning on their recorders.

14.6.19 Poplars class have been busy learning their times tables and related division facts this week. Congratulations to all our certificate achievers.

12.6.19 What a fantastic visit we had from Ranger Russ. We learnt so much about rivers and the different animals that he brought with him. Everyone was super brave and touched at least creature. Mrs Emery and Mrs Moss even had the opportunity to hold the snakes. Thank you so much to the PTFA for funding his visit.

24.5.19 This week's certificate winners.

20.5.19 We joined year 4 for another orienteering activity. This time they had to use the map to find the station that had an anagram to solve. It was quite tricky.

What a successful week! Lots of children have learnt times tables and received their certificates in assembly, as well as other achievements to recognised in and out of school.

16.5.19 Out in the sunshine sketching the school.

13.5.9 A beautiful sunny afternoon for an orienteering activity.

Certificate winners for this week and our Friday run. Several children managed to keep jogging or skipping for the full 10 minutes this week.

This week's certificate winners.

First week back and look how many of us earned certificates.

5.4.19 Last photo with Mrs Boother.

2.4.19. Poplars performing at the Spring Concert,

'Faith' choreographed by Ellodie Stott.

Still image for this video

2.4.19. Poplars and Willows performing the Haka

Still image for this video

29.3.19. As part of their topic on dragons, Poplars have written stories about the dragon they designed and painted, then wrote poems. This week's challenge was to create a dragon, write a Dragonolgy report and then in D.T. create their dragons using newspaper.

25.3.19. We had a visit from Ann-Marie to let us know about the cricket opportunities at Hatherleigh Cricket Club this summer. We enjoyed a fun-packed workshop of cricket skills.

22.3.19. Road Safety

Learning all about mummification as part of our Ancient Egyptian topic with Miss Radbourne involved being brave enough to put their hand into a bag to work out which body part had been removed before being put into a canopic jar. They also had fun mummifying each other.

7.3.19 World Book Day. Can you recognize our book characters?

5.3.19. We had a visit from Jane to talk to us about what it is like living in Egypt. We also got to try on Egyptian clothes and eat a traditional Egyptian breakfast. The eggs, bread and tomatoes went down well- the ful ( a mixture of beans that was slightly spicy) was less popular! Jane started to teach us how to count to 10 in Arabic and the Egyptian alphabet.

14.2.19. Poplars were given the challenge of making a boat out of plastercine that would float. They then had to investigate the maximum number of 'passengers' it could carry.

February 2019. Poplars have been having lots of fun in Science. They investigated the permeability of different soils and investigated the size of 'craters' created by dropping balls in sand.

4.2.19 We had a fantastic afternoon at Okehampton College for the Year 3 dance, trampoline and movement workshops. They had the opportunity to use the air-track, double trampoline, learn a dance.

25.1.19 Very proud of the children who could attend the Wellbeing event after school on Friday. They sang, played recorder and demonstrated the ukuleles brilliantly.

9th January 2019 Line and shape investigations. I know it looks like we were having a quick kip first week back but we were investigating parallel, perpendicular and adjacent lines.

18.12.18 Christmas jumper Day and Christmas Dinner

December 2018. Poplars have been joined by 2 cheeky elves in the run up to Christmas. Look at what they have been up to so far.

11.12.18. Poplars and Oaks performed brilliantly in their Science production.

Children in Need 2018

Freeze frames showing an event at the end of our class text, 'The Boy with a Bronze Axe'.

Digging out of the house in Skara Brae.
Fighting their way through the sand storm.
Clinging together to get to shelter.
Moving the boat and the family escaping the house.

Our Friday 10 minute run!

Poplars really enjoyed their visit to Merrivale as part of our topic 'Stone Age to Iron Age.'

Poplars Class 2018. Our first class photograph of the year.