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wk beginning 23/3

This week we would have been learning about doubling and halving. Below are some ideas for activities.

  • Model doubling with physical objects e.g. buttons, biscuits or bricks. "I have 3 then another 3. How many are there altogether?"
  • Roll a dice and double the number it lands on. Record as a number sentence.
  • Practical problem solving e.g. "I have 5 Smarties and you have double that number. How many Smarties do you have?"
  • Paint a ladybird. Put spots on one side and the same number of spots on the other. " How many spots are there altogether?"
  • Model halving with physical objects e.g. fruit, sweets or toy animals. "There are 10 sweets but you eat half of them. How many are left?" Model sharing into 2 equal groups, putting one into each group until they are all gone.
  • Practical activities e.g. Cut the cupcake in half so we can share it, share the tomato slices between the two sandwiches.
  • Draw and cut out 2D shapes. Fold and cut them in half so there are 2 equal pieces.