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Creative Thursdays

Rotation 6. Amazing creative work has been going on in classes over the last 3 weeks.

Creative Thursdays have started again. Rotation No.5

The children have completed the first 4 rotations for Creative Thursday. Look at the amazing work that has been created.

A very successful first block. Well done everyone, lots of creative pieces of work for display and to inspire the next group with.


Colour mixing.


We have been learning the Haka.



Graffiti art.

Mosaic making.

Clay houses and flower inspired tiles

Creative Wednesday 2016-17



Creative Wednesdays allows the children to come together in teams and experience a wide range of art, music and design.


This is what some of the children have to say:


"It was interesting to find different types of music and how you can make music without instruments" Poppy Year 3


"It was fun when we did the noses because it was nice when we smoothed the clay down" Isabel and Keira Year 2


"We all made our own things and then put them together as a group" Amelia Year 6


"We could make the faces really funny!" Cerys Year 5


"We get to make films and we don't get to do that very often" Cameron Year 6

Stomp 1

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Stomp 2

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Stomp 3

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Bear Hunt

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