Hatherleigh Community Primary School Caring about learning and learning to care

Home learning

Please find below a list of possible things to do in addition to the home learning provided:

  • Regularly listen to your child read and also read to them.
  • Go through your child's pink sound book and ensure they know the sounds and tricky words inside. Practise any they are unsure of.
  • Write simple sentences and lists.
  • Ensure your child is confident with writing their name.
  • Ensure your child can confidently count to 20, recognising and ordering the numbers.
  • Ask your child 1 more and 1 less/fewer than numbers to 20.
  • Look for 3D shapes around your home. Ask your child to describe how many faces/vertices/edges each shape has.
  • Rehearse the alphabet and help your child to learn the name of each letter.
  • Read Harold's daily diary at Harold's Daily Diary (


Early Learning Goals- what your child should achieve by the end of the year

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