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Hatherleigh is a gem of a town nestling in hills on the edge of the Dartmoor National Park. At its heart lies Hatherleigh Community Primary School which plays a full part in the cultural and social life of the town. The achievements of the pupils of Hatherleigh School are celebrated in the town's 'Parish Pump' local newspaper and their talents demonstrated to the full in the Hatherleigh Festival which takes place each year in July.


The building might be Victorian but the curriculum is up to the minute, varied and driven by an energetic and committed staff. We ensure that the arts, sciences and physical activities have their fair share of school time and that children have the chance to shine in at least one area of school life whether it be playing the violin or running the hundred metres. Our pupils still find it fun to learn and take delight in questioning. They have an easy relationship with adults in the school giving Hatherleigh very much a family atmosphere. We are an ecologically friendly school in which children, led by their school councillors save water and power, finding ways to protect and conserve their beautiful environment.