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Hi Hawthorns,

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer holiday and are ready for an exciting new term. Mrs Gibb and myself were lucky to meet some of you last term but I'm sure you are all feeling like us at the moment, excited to be all back together again but a little worried too. Our Hawthorn bubble is going to be really special and we will all be there for each other to help get used to the new routines within school life. 

To begin with, we will be recapping on many skills learnt in Chestnuts to consolidate those skills before moving on. Our priority is to ensure everyone is happy within school and ready to learn from all the fun activities we have planned for you this year.

We are looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces again on Monday 7th September at 8.35am, where you will be met by Mrs Perry, Miss Hutton and myself in the playground.

See you soon.smiley

Mrs Jacob.

2019- 2020

This is the last week of the Summer Term. What a lot of wonderful learning has been going on in the class and at home. Try to keep up your reading and phonics over the summer holiday. Phonics play is a good website to practice reading graphemes and for playing games to reinforce them to help you be more speedy with your reading. 

Have lots of fun, take a look back over some of the activities from previous weeks, there are lots of suggestions if you get bored. I hope you all have a wonderful summer holiday and that I will see you some time in the Autumn term when I come in to help with reading.

Best wishes,

Mrs Fawcett

Happy Hawthorns on their first day back.

We made some amazing minibeasts from recycled materials.

Today we have been having fun learning about Volume and Capacity with Mr Wright our PGCE student.

For World Book Day we all dressed up as our favourite book characters. Can you see which ones we chose?

As part of our topic about Houses and Homes, we visited the new building site in Hatherleigh. We also looked at all the different materials being used.

We dressed up as Christmas trees for our performance of a Magical Christmas Journey

Eva-Rose made us all beautifully decorated cupcakes for Christmas.

Thank you everyone who helped to make our Nocturnal Animal display so interesting. Your ideas, models, drawings and handcrafts are incredible. Plop would be really pleased to see all your hard work.

We enjoyed discovering what was in an owl pellet. One of them had 5 skulls in it!

We are learning about Owls and other nocturnal creatures.Our home learning project has been to create a poster or a model. Everybody has done something different.

We all dressed up for Children in Need - look how spotty we are!

Maths is fun! We played a game with 10 multilink and a dice, we were learning all about adding and taking away.

We used clipboards to tick things off on our Signs of Autumn walk.

We can order numicon to 10 and back again!

We had a visitor, Sarah, who came in to talk to us about Harvest. We looked at different seeds and thought about what they might grow into.


Mrs Fawcett
Mrs Perry
Mrs Jacob
Mrs Bennett
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Today some of us dressed up to celebrate the day the men returned to Hatherleigh from World War 1. It happened 100 years ago and the school had a day's holiday!

The whole school celebrated French Day. We sang songs, ate French food, performed in the Community Centre and all dressed up in red, white and blue.

Today we learnt all about Snails. What incredible creatures they are....except when they're eating Mrs Fawcett's flowers!

We went to Crooklets Beach for the day. Thank you to the PTFA for funding our coach. We had a fantastic time! The lifeguards talked to us about keeping safe on the beach.

Worms are amazing! Here are some pictures of us dancing to 'charm' the worms....ask the children if it worked!!

Our school gardening club is holding a decorated plant container competition. Alicia has decorated an old fish bowl.

Ranger Russ came to visit us to help us learn about how to identify different animals. Some of us were very brave...some not quite so...He was brilliant!!

Rowan read a great story to the class with lovely expression.

Flaming June! We were hoping to do observational drawings of the school....until it rained.

Our summer term home learning project is to find out about Space and Weather. These are some of our wonderful creations. What a great way to learn.

Using our research skills to find out more about Space.

Creating Spaceships, Moon Buggies and even wrapping Katie up as an Astronaut!

We learnt how to do some first aid and had a go at putting our friends in the recovery position.

Do you like our Astronaut drawings?

We visited RHS Rosemoor Gardens and planted lettuce seeds, sugar snap peas and potatoes. We had a great time in the brash whizzing down the green slide. We had a happy day despite rain and hail!! Thank you to all the Mums who were able to come and help us.

World Book Day 2019. Can you recognise who we all dressed up as?

You can enjoy maths just as well dressed as your favourite book character. We had lots of fun learning about capacity.

Eating noodles to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We managed to use chopsticks!

Hawthorn's Home Learning Projects

Hawthorns enjoyed their multiskills afternoon at Okehampton College.