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Hi Hawthorns, 

We hope you have all had a lovely half term break enjoying the glorious sunshine. Please remember to bring your sun hat and suncream to school as we have many outdoor activities planned. Keep a look out on the website for updates of all these activities. 

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mrs Jacob and Mrs Gibb

Summer Term 2021

Sports Day

12.7.21. We had a visit from Ranger Russ today bringing in some special guests.

9.07.21 Science week. The children looked for evidence to see which of the dogs had stolen the bone from Mrs Gibb's cupboard.

8.7.21 - Hawthorns have enjoyed a glorious day at Crooklets Beach, building sandcastles linked to our Victorian seaside topic, rock pooling looking for and identifying sealife and a safety talk from the coast guards. We ended the day with a yummy ice-cream!

28.5.21 As part of a joint project with the National Trust, to raise awareness of the importance of sand dunes, all the children got the opportunity to contribute towards painting our school cow. The theme for our cow was Wilderness and after looking through their initial designs we incorporated forest, Dartmoor and the beach. We helped to paint the base colours for either the forest, Dartmoor or the beach.

We have enjoyed planning and making fruit kebabs thinking about giving and writing clear instructions to help our teachers know what to do. We were very bossy!

Hawthorns enjoyed a fun time learning some running skills and a dance with OCRA.

We have enjoyed playing lots of games to help us learn our digraphs and trigraphs in phonics and our phase 2-5 tricky words.

We've been having lots of fun playing Miss Grey's game, linked to our traditional tales theme.

Our new learning sequence in English is all about instructions. We have been very bossy in class telling the adults how to make a jam sandwich!

We have been learning about traditional tales. Here are some pictures of what we think the giant might look like.

For St George's Day we learnt the story of George and the Dragon then imagined what a dragon would be like.

We have started learning how to use a tennis racket, in PE.

Autumn Term 2020

We had a lovely Christmas dinner with a surprise visitor.

We have had loads of fun in our Elf workshop making Christmas paper chains, stained glass windows and scratch art penguins. We also watched an Elf story.

We have learnt the First Christmas story and then we made puppets and performed it to the class.

In class we are trying to work out what our aliens are called. Can you help us by using your phonics to create names to see if we can guess their names by 2021.

We have been learning some dance moves in PE. The children have enjoyed freestyle to some Irish music!

Click on the link to see group 1:

Group 2 to follow...





More Christmas activities beautifully coloured and cut by the children.

Our self portraits. Can you guess who's who?

In Computing we are learning about Algorithms. We had great fun telling our robot what to do to make a sandwich. We had to think really carefully and make sure our instructions were very clear.

Look at our wonderful firework pictures.

In Creative Thursdays we have been looking at sculptures. We linked our sculptures to our Autumn theme and man leaf men.

We were lucky enough to have OCRA come and do a multi skills session with us just before half term.

Here are some of our final playground equipment designs we created in DT.

In Creative Thursday Hawthorns have experimented using primary colours to make secondary colours, along with exploring different painting tools to create paintings of autumn trees and Van Gogh's 'Wheatfield with Crows.'

We have been exploring our sense of smell and taste in an experiment identifying the flavour of crisps.

Place value - We have found out which numbers are smaller or greater than others.

In DT we have been looking at playground equipment. Here are some photos of us exploring different joins.

We have been creating sentences using pictures and words.

Hi Hawthorns,

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer holiday and are ready for an exciting new term. Mrs Gibb and myself were lucky to meet some of you last term but I'm sure you are all feeling like us at the moment, excited to be all back together again but a little worried too. Our Hawthorn bubble is going to be really special and we will all be there for each other to help get used to the new routines within school life. 

To begin with, we will be recapping on many skills learnt in Chestnuts to consolidate those skills before moving on. Our priority is to ensure everyone is happy within school and ready to learn from all the fun activities we have planned for you this year.

We are looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces again on Monday 7th September at 8.35am, where you will be met by Mrs Perry, Miss Hutton and myself in the playground.

See you soon.smiley

Mrs Jacob.

2019- 2020

This is the last week of the Summer Term. What a lot of wonderful learning has been going on in the class and at home. Try to keep up your reading and phonics over the summer holiday. Phonics play is a good website to practice reading graphemes and for playing games to reinforce them to help you be more speedy with your reading. 

Have lots of fun, take a look back over some of the activities from previous weeks, there are lots of suggestions if you get bored. I hope you all have a wonderful summer holiday and that I will see you some time in the Autumn term when I come in to help with reading.

Best wishes,

Mrs Fawcett

We made some amazing minibeasts from recycled materials.