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Good Morning!


To make things more secure, I am switching to using zoom for all future stories.  Sorry for any confusion; I know some people missed yesterday's episode.  It is really important that I make sure that the service we use is secure, and I wasn't happy with the way the jitsi password system worked.


You can access zoom either through a web page on a computer/laptop or with a free app on a phone or tablet.


The URL you will need is:


Meeting ID: 113 716 689

The password will be the same as the one we used before.  I will try to get this message out to as many people as possible in other ways; if you see this message can you tell other people about the change?  Thank you, see you later!


Mr Lea



How many of you joined Mr Lea's story time this afternoon?

How many of you joined Mr Lea's story time this afternoon? 1

A collection of websites.




Daily reading is really important.  It should be enjoyable, and sometimes challenging.  If a book is too hard, it can be demotivating; if a book is too easy it is unlikely to lead to progress.  Make lists of words  that you don't understand, patterns that you notice, things you like about the book and things that you don't.  Try to summarise the book (tell it in short - perhaps just three sentences for a chapter or even the whole book).

Try to read a variety of books: fiction, non-fiction and poetry.



You can find the list of words that year six should be able to spell at: 

You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page.



There are lots of excellent problem solving activities and mathematical investigations on the nrich website:

Some problems are open; you can submit your solutions to the problems on the website.  Others have solutions.

Children who use prodigy are invited to to as much as they would like; the activities are mapped to the national curriculum and the game adapts to their mathematical level.