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Our class - April 2021

Our class - September 2020

28.5.21 As part of a joint project with the National Trust to raise awareness of the importance of sand dunes, all the children got the opportunity to contribute towards painting our school cow. The theme for our cow was wilderness and after looking through initial designs we incorporated forest, Dartmoor and the beach. The cow will be able to be seen at Woolacombe over the Summer - more details to follow when we have them.

13.5.21 - As part of our history topic, we had a very wet visit to Okehampton Castle which was built in the Norman period. We saw first-hand some of the parts of a castle that we had learnt about at school such as the curtain wall, the keep and the great hall. We also enjoyed the woodland walk looking for wild flowers and evergreen and deciduous trees linked to our Science work. We had a great day despite the weather.

12.5.21 - The potatoes we planted a few weeks ago are beginning to grow.

12.5.21 - Our new text in English is 'The Dragon Machine'. During playtime, we were very surprised to spot a tail of a dragon poking out of the bushes. We decided to go on a dragon hunt and found lots more dragons hiding. We also found clues to suggest that there really are dragons living in the school grounds. Next week we are going to use conjunctions and prepositions to create a dragon spotters guide.

6.5.21/7.5.21 - In Science we looked closely at a pansy and identified the roots, stem, leaf, petal and bud. We also did observational drawings of flowers in Creative Thursday and used our colour mixing skills to paint them.

29.4.21 -We drew and painted dragons for our own versions of 'George and the Dragon'. We only used primary colours straight from the pallet, mixing secondary colors using what we learnt in Creative Thursday. We described our dragons using noun phrases and similes.

28.4.21 - This week we have been learning how to place numbers on a number line where only the beginning and end numbers are given.

27.4.21 - Mrs King gave us a picture of the Bayeux Tapestry and asked us to look carefully to see what we thought was happening. We learnt about William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings and that the Normans built some of the first castles.

23.4.21 - We planted potatoes in the school garden.

20.4.21- In PSHE we learnt about the learning line and how when we are learning something new we may go into a dip before coming out the other side. We thought about this learning process by throwing and catching a ball but with one hand behind our back.

1.4.21 - It wouldn't be Easter without an Easter Egg hunt!