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Welcome to Willows Class!


Wednesday 6th January 2021


Hello Willows and Parents, 


Happy New Year to you all. We hope that you have all had a lovely Christmas.


Well done to those of you that completed the home learning tasks yesterday either at home or at school. I have now added home learning for the remainder of this week under the home learning tab below. Please remember to use Dojo to show us all the fantastic work that you have been doing. 


Please do contact us via Dojo or our class email if you have any concerns or need any further support. 


Stay safe,


Mrs King and Mrs Gibb



Message from Mr Lea:


Hello Hawthorns,


From now on, you should be able to access our serial every day at 3:20.  You can join us and listen to the serial by clicking  You may be asked to log into your google account, please email if you need a google password reset, or if you can't remember it.


Mr Lea

Our first class photo - September 2020

Victorian Day. We had an great day learning about some of the toys and games that children would have played with in the Victorian era. We made cup and balls and played games such as conkers, hopscotch, marbles and hunt the thimble. A big thank you to all the parents for the amazing costumes.

Just before half term, we took part in a multi-skills session led by OCRA.

As part of our learning in PSHE, Gerald the Giraffe and his friends visited us. During the session we thought about the different feelings we experience at different times, what it feels like to be left out and the difference between bullying and teasing.

Creative Thursday is a little different this year as we are doing it in class bubbles rather than moving around the school to different classrooms and teachers. Our first four week block was on textiles and to fit in with our toy topic we made finger puppets. First we looked at a range of different types of puppets. Then we practised different joining techniques to discover what would be the best way of joining our fabric pieces together, We designed our puppets and then made them following our plans.

In English we read the story No-Bot. We learnt the original story including creating freeze frames of key events. We then wrote our own versions starring our own robots that we made.

11.09.2020 We had a wonderful first week as Willows class. We began our unit in maths about place value and used natural objects to represent tens and ones. In English and PSHE we read a book called 'The Colour Monster' and thought about how colours can represent different emotions. We discussed situations when we may feel different emotions and painted our own colour monsters using watercolours.

Meet our school council representatives 2020/2021. We had a class ballot to decide who would be our school council representatives this year. It was a very close run contest but these two children received the most votes and will attend regular meetings with Mr Monger and representatives from the other classes in school.

6th September 2020

Hello Willows, 


I hope that you have enjoyed the summer holiday and are looking forward to returning to school tomorrow as a Year 2. We are looking forward to seeing you all. 


It was lovely to work with some of you on Thursday's last term but I am sure that, after five months at home or as part of a smaller group in school, you may be feeling a range of different feelings today. Hopefully you will be feeling excited but I expect just like us, you may also be feeling nervous too. This is understandable but together we will get use to the routines and systems and I am sure it won't be long before you are reminding me what time our new break and lunchtimes are or which way we have to walk down the corridor!


I saw a few children in Hatherleigh last week and they told me that they were looking forward to seeing their friends but were worried about the work. We know that this might be a worry for many of you so to begin with we will be recapping many of the skills learnt in Year 1. This will help you to settle in and help us to plan the next steps. The most important thing is that by Friday you still have big smiles on your faces when you leave for the weekend.


So, remember to order your lunches with your grown-ups on the new system and try to have a good nights sleep. We look forward to seeing you at 8.40am tomorrow morning when Mrs Gibb, Mrs Cooper and Mrs Clough will be in the playground to meet you. I will then see you on Tuesday morning at the same time for our first day together.


Mrs King 


Dear Willows, Hawthorns and Parents, 


Welcome to the last week of term.


On Monday and Tuesday you need to look at the planning for your September class so Willows please visit Poplar's page and then come back here for Wednesday. Post your work on Dojo as normal for Mrs Moss to see (although no doubt we won't be able to resist having a look too!). 


'Hello' to Hawthorns. Planning for Monday and Tuesday for you is under the home learning page - week 8, 20.7.20. I will be looking on your Dojo pages so post all of your work here as you normally would. If you are in school, Mrs Fawcett will complete the work with you. Please do take a look at the transition presentation which is also under week 8 and I have posted it on your Dojo class story page too. If you have any questions, do send them through Dojo or email 


I hope that you all enjoy the last week of term, 


With best wishes,


Mrs King 


Hello Willows, Barney has sent you a few postcards.

We had a lovely day at Rosemoor learning about woodland invertebrates. In the morning we searched for invertebrates, identified them and made sketches. After lunch we used natural materials to make micro-habitats and walked around the gardens. We ended the day with a play in the brash.

Willows enjoyed celebrating books on World Book Day

Willows class would like to say a massive THANK YOU for the support from parents to allow this amazing and fun packed day to go ahead. Have a look at all the exciting things we did and learnt about the Amazon Rainforest on our trip.

As part of our Science work on Living Things and their habitats, we went out to the school garden to identify things that were alive, dead and never been alive.

Well done Willows for a fantastic performance of 'A Magical Christmas Journey.'

We all celebrated Children in Need today by coming into school in non-uniform. Well done for all the lovely spotty clothes and Pudsey Bear clothing.

12.11.19 Today we went to Hatherleigh Fire station to learn about how the fire service has changed since the times of The Great Fire of London. Thank you to all those who made it so enjoyable.

Our fire safety talk.

Science investigation

Thank you to all the parents who came to our maths workshop. The children had great fun playing some maths games with you.

As part of our toy topic, we would like to thank you for sharing with us some of your very old toys your families had at home.

Here we are flying our kites ready to help us design our own kites.

We had a fun morning learning lots of new skills during our Multi skills session.