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Welcome to Willows


Meet the class

Our 1st Day in Year 2 

Meet the staff

Welcome to Willows Class

Spring 2023 

All documents, photos and information before this date can be found in our archived page. 

Meet the class

Meet the Staff

29.06.23. Today we enjoyed using lots of different materials to weave our fish.

22.06.23. In creative Thursday we read the book The Great Wave a book inspired by the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. In the book a boy rides on the back of the Japanese fish and in Japan on the 5th May they celebrate the festival of "Koi Nobori" (carp streamers) We were inspired by this and drew koi carp which we then printed. We also made some very colourful streamers.

11.05.23. Creative Thursday- our clay dragon eyes!

04.05.23. In creative Thursday we experimented with joining and mark making in clay. Look out next week for our dragon eyes!

04.05.23. In computing we have been finding out what's "beyond the screen" Today we took apart an old computer and investigated what was inside.

20.04.23. We used graded pencils and followed a guide to draw dragon eyes.

In Creative Thursday this half term we have been doing some African inspired art. We used oil pastels to make a sunrise background then followed a guide to draw a zebra before adding some grass for our zebras to hide in. We also enjoyed making beads from old magazines.

23.03.23. RE- this half term we have been thinking about "Why does Easter matter to Christians?" Today we went to the outside classroom and made little Easter gardens.

02.03.23. World book day computing- We enjoyed going on to kleki online paint tool and drawing our favourite book characters.

09.02.23. We've had lots of (messy!) fun painting our amazing baobab trees.

19.01.23. We have started to make our baobab trees. We used a plastic bottle, wire and newspaper.

05.01.23. In creative Thursday we did observational drawings of flowers. We then used watercolours to paint them.