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Welcome to Chestnuts Class!


Meet the class:

We have been so impressed with how happily and confidently the new Chestnuts have taken to school. The way they line up on the spots and come into the classroom, organise their things, engage with each other and their learning has been amazing! We hope the children are enjoying it as much as they seem to be.

Your child is likely to be very tired next week with their first full week so don't expect too much from them after school.

We are very much looking forward to continuing the learning journey this year that the class has started so positively.

Miss Tucker and Mrs Newby

Meet the staff:

Miss Tucker- Teacher
Mrs Newby- Teacher
Sarah- Teaching assistant
Helen- Teaching assistant and mealtime assistant
Di- Teaching assistant and mealtime assistant
Lana- Student

See what is happening in class:

Trying out the adventure trail
Doing a puzzle
Fun in the sand
The light box
Marble run



Dear Chestnuts,

We have reached our final few days together, let's make them amazing! 

Your learning for Monday and Tuesday is being planned by your new teachers, Mrs Jacob and Mrs Gibb. Please look at the Hawthorns section of the website for this. Wednesday is pirate day and there is a separate plan for this. Remember that you can dress up as a pirate for this day. Thursday is a day for finishing off and winding down ready for the summer.

We are incredibly proud of how you have all adjusted and coped with the challenges of the past few months. You are a fantastic class and we have loved teaching you. We hope you all have a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing you when you return in September as a Hawthorn!

Best wishes

Miss Tucker and Mrs Newby






Meet The Team

Miss Tucker (Teacher)
Mrs Newby (Teacher)
Sarah Hill (Teaching Assistant)
Di Clough (Teaching Assistant)
Elizabeth Hutton (Teaching assistant)
Lana Kiely (NVQ level 3 student)

Using recycled materials in 'Eco warrior' week.

What is happening in class:

Ice mobiles
Skipping workshop
Fair trade cooking
Look at our fantastic writing about monsters!
We made Valentine’s Day cards ❤️.
Filling a shadow with leaves
Colouring with natural materials
Capacity using porridge
Static electricity
Monster slime
We have been learning about Chinese New Year.
Super veg!
Superhero pose
Jumping and landing safely
Tooth brushing
Christmas jumper day
Vet visit
Vet visit
Vet visit
Crossing patrol visitor
Autumn crown
Firework splatter painting
Reflective clothing to keep us safe
Road safety
Road safety
Making vehicles
Odd socks for anti bullying week
Children in need
Doctors and nurses
Firework rocket
Robot junk modelling
Leaf printing
Quiet book time
Is our tower taller than Mr Monger?
Woodland skills


Scroll to the bottom of the page for Chestnuts' Overview, Termly Newsletter and ideas for Home learning.  

Pirate day

WW1 day

French Day

Riddle writing competition achievers. Congratulations!

What is happening in class:

Chestnuts released the butterflies they hatched
Chestnuts released the butterflies they hatched
Trip to Okehampton castle
Role play of life in a castle
Exploring the different rooms
World book day
The Chestnuts made pancakes for pancake day
We made 'Super Veg'!
Mints and coca-cola experiment
Christmas jumper day
Christmas dinner
Christmas play
We have posted our letters to Father Christmas
Fire engine visit for people who help us topic
Doctor visit for people who help us topic
Lollipop lady visit for Road Safety Week
Police role play
Small world fire station play
Practising phonics
Police role play
Police role play
Chalk Rangoli patterns for Diwali