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Welcome to Chestnuts


Meet the class

Meet the staff

See what is happening in class

Maths - developing a deep understanding of numbers.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - trying porridge with different toppings.

Friday Fun in the Woodland Area - scavenger hunt then exploring time.

Balancing in PE

We posted our letters to Father Christmas

Odd sock day

Diwali Dance

People who help us

World Mental Health Day 2023

Roald Dahl Day 2023

Mrs Gibb and her new puppy came to visit us.

Chestnuts self portraits

Welcome to Chestnuts Class


Meet the class

Meet the staff

See what is happening in class:

Woodland afternoon for parents

Children's Mental Health Week and wear your scarf to school day

Supertato! We read Supertato then made our own vegetable superhero.

We have been using oats to explore capacity. We have linked this to our learning about Goldilocks and the three bears.

We drew and painted a bear linked to our learning on Goldilocks and the three bears. Each one is unique and has its own character.

Road safety week- Learning to cross the road safely

People who help us- police

People who help us - vet

Outdoor learning



We are going on a bear hunt!

Welcome to Chestnuts Class!


Meet the class:

Meet the Staff

First Aid

Rosemoor Trip

Exploring our local community, past and present.

Exploring pattern and 3D shapes.

Science - Investigating Bubbles

Red Nose Day 2022

World Book Day and looking for signs of spring.

Superhero fruit and vegetables



We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Still image for this video

Christmas Production

Fun in the Woodland Area

Our Class Scarecrow- The Hospital Dog

Diwali and fireworks

Sorting and matching

Colouring and cutting hedgehogs

Autumn leaves 🍁

Autumn Arts and Crafts

Bat and bug study

Welcome to Chestnuts Class!


Meet the class:

Meet the staff:

Pirate day