Hatherleigh Community Primary School Caring about learning and learning to care

What support is available for children with special educational needs or disability?

Interventions, type of support and resources  vary depending on need. Below is a list of support which may be used, although it is not an exhaustive list and interventions may be added or removed.


Communication and interaction

Speech and language link

Narrative groups

1:1 speech and language support

Lego Therapy


Cognition and learning


Supporting Literacy 


Additional phonics learning in small groups / 1:1

A range of phonics, easily decodable books.

Dyslexia friendly books

High interest / easy read books

Coloured reading rulers

Reading games such as TRUGS

Coloured paper to write on/for worksheets

Phoneme frames

Tinted individual whiteboards

Boxes Font

Additional writing support

Writing frames

Supporting Maths 


Counting to Calculating Intervention group

Small group / individual support

Maths games

Writing on coloured paper.

Use of maths equipment to help visualise number/problem.



Social, emotional and mental health


Thrive type class activities

Thrive type small group / 1:1 activities

Social groups

Family workshops



Sensory and/or physical



1:1 physiotherapy support programme

High Five