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A message from Schoolwear Direct


We have some exciting news we wish to inform you of, before you break up for the summer.


We are opening up a shop in Okehampton so parents can order and collect uniforms (or come and buy onsite). The store will not be open until around the middle to late August, but ordering can be done online throughout the period regardless.  We are moving all of our operations to Okehampton by September.


Please can parents like and follow our Facebook page as we will be keeping parents up-to-date via this medium. We will do an official opening likely to be in September, but we will do a soft launch just for uniform purchases mid August.


Within the store, we will be offering other ranges for example: sports clothing (PE clothing as normal, and sports eg football, rugby, hockey, netball, cricket), sports equipment (from balls for each sport, to equipment eg netball hoops, gum shields, shin pads), plus other ranges.



Uniform requirements at Hatherleigh Community Primary School