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COVID 19 - Latest Guidance

                                                                                                     Friday 21st January 2022



Covid 19 Guidance


We continue to have high numbers of positive Covid cases within school. In addition to this many children are presenting with symptoms but are not testing positive on a lateral flow test.

As the Government guidance is somewhat confusing, I have put together a simple outline of the steps to take. Further information can be found at:


There are 2 tests for Covid-19

  1. PCR tests - for people with symptoms.
  2. Lateral flow tests - for people with no symptoms.


As mentioned in previous letters, we are noticing that symptoms are wide ranging and include: diarrhoea, vomiting, high temperature, cough, sneezes, headache, and generally feeling unwell.



  • Symptomatic - if your child has symptoms they must take a pcr test as soon as possible and self isolate while waiting for the result.


  • Asymptomatic - we are advising parents to do daily regular lateral flow tests even if their child has no symptoms in the hope that we can pick up any asymptomatic cases and help prevent the spread of infection.


  • Positive Lateral Flow - If a lateral flow is positive self isolation starts immediately. This is even if the line is faint, but it no longer needs to be confirmed by a pcr test. Isolation then continues until 2 negative lateral flows, 24 hours apart. The earliest that these can be done is day 5. If no negative lateral flow tests occur, self isolation can stop after 10 days.  Please note that the day of the test is day 0.


  • Self isolation starts the day symptoms start (or positive test if symptoms do not develop). If the lateral flow is positive but your child has no symptoms but then develops symptoms, the self isolation period is reset to the day symptoms start.


We continue to follow the guidelines within school to try and slow the transmission and have been taking additional advice from the Health Protection Team.


If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me.