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Dan the Skipping man. Tuesday 3rd March.

On the 3rd March the school will be hosting a ‘Dan the Skipping Man’ team member who will run workshops with every class in school. These workshops have proved to be very successful in the past with many children then choosing skipping as their activity of choice at playtimes. This has often been a ‘craze’ that has then lasted for a many months/years after the workshops have taken place. Skipping is a fantastic activity as it helps to build fitness, co-ordination, balance, strength, rhythm and is just really good fun!!

As this is an enrichment activity we ask that parents make a voluntary contribution of £2.50 to assist in paying for the workshops. Payment can be made via the school gateway. In the past we have also found that many children are so inspired that they go onto buy their own skipping rope to use at home and bring into school.

If you wish to you can buy Solar Skipping Ropes, a high quality rope that changes colour in the sun, from Dan the Skipping Man on the day by:

1) Sending £6.00 in an envelope to your child’s teacher on the day. The teacher can collect the rope from the session. (Please mark KS1 or KS2 on envelope) · Children’s Solar Ropes (2 size options) = £6.00 · Adult Ropes = £7.00 · Double Dutch £14.00

2) Visiting our Dan the Skipping Man® pop-up shop on the playground immediately after the day.

3) After the day you can purchase ONLINE @

If you feel you want to get a head start on your skipping skills you can also watch videos of Dan on You Tube. See our videos @ If you have any queries please contact me in school or on

Kind Regards Nick Pearson