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Join Jess for her VE Day dance workshops.

Hello everyone! Or should I say bonjour?!


I hope you've been getting on fabulously with all the dance workshops so far. I've had some great feedback so well done and do keep your photos and videos coming into school so that we can see how wonderfully you are progressing. 
Friday sees the 75th anniversary of VE Day (you may have seen me on television with The Hummingbirds Trio on Tuesday talking about it - BBC Spotlight 6:30pm!) and so this week's dance workshops are in a 1940s style, celebrating the end of World War 2, as people were doing in 1945. Have fun celebrating and commemorating!

Here are the links:

Key Stage 1:

Dance Warm Up -
VE Day Dance Special -


Key Stage 2:
Dance Warm Up -
VE Day Dance Special for KS2 -


Fabulous French for all years:

Link -


Happy 75th VE Day!  À bientôt tout le monde!

Mademoiselle/Miss Squire