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Michael Morpurgo visits Hatherleigh School!

We were delighted to welcome Michael Morpurgo to our school on Monday after an invitation from a Year 5 pupil. Michael not only writes great stories; he is also an amazing story teller and he performed one of his stories for us with so much energy and humour that it kept us all captivated. Later Year 5 children (Beeches Class) had the opportunity to ask him questions about his favourite characters, how he writes and where he finds inspiration. His answers were really interesting and very witty. He really wanted to be a rugby player for England when he was younger but teaching Year 6 children and trying to keep them engaged on a Friday afternoon prompted him  to start story telling and then writing. Now he needs to write to be able to buy himself new socks! We told him about our cob horse and gave him a copy of the Hatherleigh Trail that our children wrote last summer.