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Newly refurbished Morgan Hall opened.

Refurbished Sports Hall opened at Hatherleigh School
Pupils at Hatherleigh Primary School have been using their refurbished sports hall for the first time.
The £80,000 complete refurbishment of the dilapidated Morgan Hall was started in the summer holidays and finished over half term just in time for the winter weather.
The improvement work has been paid for by Devon County Council and the hall was opened during a visit by Hatherleigh and Chagford county councillor James McInnes and the Mayor of West Devon, Mike Davies.
Hatherleigh Headteacher Caroline Boother said: “We are a growing school so we really needed the space.The Morgan Hall was originally an outdoor swimming pool named after a very popular teacher. We then put a roof on and made it an indoor pool and then it was filled in to provide an indoor space for sports.However, it was very basic and this work has allowed us to refurbish it completely. What we now have is amazing. It will allow us to put on a full programme of our curricular PE and sport whatever the weather as well as allowing us to run all our extra-curricular, after-school clubs.
Thanks to our amazing staff, who give up their own time, and volunteers from local organisations who come in, we have clubs every day of the week from Monday to Friday for the children to enjoy and this will allow us to keep them going, whatever the weather.”