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Rainbow diaries

Rainbow Diaries


During these very unusual and unprecedented times, a lot of us are in positions which we never thought we would be in. We are all now a part of history, therefore we invite every child in Hatherleigh to join us in creating ‘The Rainbow Children Diaries’. Working alongside the Hatherleigh History Society we also invite any keyworkers that are still working at this time. Our aim is to have a website where everything can be viewed digitally and ultimately to get a book made, so it is important you are happy for yours or your child’s names or pictures should you want to be included.


We would like written diary entries, which may be typed or handwritten, if handwritten you would need to take a clear photograph and they would need to be submitted as a jpeg. Some pictures would be nice too.


No more than 500 words please.


Some ideas for children to consider:


How many of you in your house?


Do you have a garden to play in, what do you play?


Have you been exercising by walking, cycling or joining in keep fit on the television or internet?


Have you learnt any new skills, making things from recycled materials or crafts, cooking etc?


Has anyone had a birthday in your house and how did you celebrate it?


How have you managed with home-schooling, was it hard to concentrate or did you enjoy it?


What have you missed most about not being allowed out?


Did you come out of your house to clap or make a noise to thank the NHS and keyworkers?


Did you make a rainbow to put in your window or to give to somebody?


For any teacher, parent, grandparent that would like to send an entry in, it would be great to know how this lockdown has changed your daily lives, whether you are unable to work, working from home. The added impact of home-schooling your children etc. for those who are over 70 and having to self-isolate how are you finding things?


Any questions or to send your entries please use the email below.




Many thanks

Donna Lewis (PTFA Chair)