Hatherleigh Community Primary School Caring about learning and learning to care

Return to school Monday 8th March

                                                                                                                                Tuesday 23rd February 2021


Dear Parent/Carer


Return to school Monday 8th March 2021


Following the announcement made by the Prime Minister I am writing to confirm Hatherleigh Community Primary School will be reopening for all children on Monday 8th March.


The remainder of this letter is very similar to the one sent out before children returned in the Autumn term   and confirms the school’s return arrangements and the steps that will be taken to address the recovery of learning due to the school closure. A comprehensive Risk Assessment covering all aspects of the return and recovery can be found on the school website. Please note the Risk Assessment will be subject to continual review and revision following the school’s own internal weekly reviews and updates and additional information as it is received from the DfE and Devon County Council.


Class organisation

Children will be grouped in class bubbles within their classroom, there will be no mixing of classes and no whole school gatherings. Children will not be able to fully socially distance whilst within a class bubble but will be expected to avoid contact with each other as much as is possible taking into consideration the age of the children and the nature of a school environment. Desks will be arranged where possible to forward face and children will be encouraged to avoid face to face interaction. Children will have a dedicated desk space and personal stationery kit. Only essential items are to be brought into school such as a coat, book bag, PE kit, water bottle and packed lunch, other items such as pencil cases and toys are not encouraged.


Face masks and testing

Following the latest guidance there is no requirement for Primary aged children to wear face masks in school but school staff will continue to wear masks as appropriate to meet individual needs and support the reduction in virus transmission.

Twice weekly COVID -19 testing will be available to all staff but there is no weekly testing requirement for children.


Arrival and departure

There will be staggered arrival and departure times and separate playtimes and lunchtimes using different areas of the playground and school field. The table below shows the times for each class. It will be essential that children arrive and depart promptly to ensure social distancing of class groups.






YR Chestnuts



Y1 Hawthorns



Y2 Willows



Y3 Poplars



Y4 Oaks



Y5 Beeches



Y6 Maples




On arrival to school and for departure all children will be supervised by staff on the playground and will be asked to line up using social distancing spots. Please do not come on to the playground and be mindful of social distancing and wearing face masks at all times when dropping children off and collecting. Children using the school bus will arrive and depart at the usual bus times and siblings may arrive and depart at the same time, this being the time of the youngest sibling.



Whilst in school children will wash/sanitise their hands on arrival/departure, after every play and lunch time, before eating food, after using the toilet and after any session involving shared equipment such as PE.



Each class will have dedicated toilets for their class and will be appropriately supervised to avoid any overcrowding.


One way system

To avoid classes mixing and to maintain social distancing there is a one-way system around school, this is shown through signage and arrows painted on the floor.


School transport

Parents requiring school transport are asked to make direct contact with school transport to discuss needs and COVID-19 secure measures


Lunch arrangements

All lunches will be eaten in classrooms, either a home packed lunch or Devon Norse lunch. Children will wash/sanitise hands before eating and tables will be cleaned before and after eating.

Devon Norse lunches will be delivered to the classrooms in sealed containers and all waste and used cutlery collected afterwards. All cutlery will be thoroughly washed and sanitised, following normal Health and Safety procedures, before being used again.


Uniform including PE kit

Normal school uniform including a PE kit is expected - please see the school website for school uniform requirements.


Visitors to school

If you need to come to the school office, please phone in advance, only one person will be admitted at a time and you will be asked to wait outside, observe social distancing and wear a face mask when on the school site.


Wellbeing - ensuring children are ready to learn

The wellbeing of children, parents/carers and staff has been of utmost importance to me from the beginning of the school closures and will continue to be so when school returns. As a school, our focus when children return will be to ensure all social/emotional and wellbeing needs are identified and met before we turn our attention to meeting learning needs thus ensuring children are ready to learn.


The curriculum

The school curriculum will continue to be broad and balanced. Quality first teaching will be used to identify learning needs for all children and then we will plan and teach accordingly to meet these needs. Some children may require additional support through the use of small group work or interventions and we will continue to use funding from the Government to support us with this.



The expectation is that all children will return to school on Monday 8th March. For any family that feels their child is not able to return the school will work with them to support their child returning.


Remote Education

In the event of children not being able to attend school due to self-isolating or shielding, Remote education will be used to ensure learning continues. Please visit our website for full details of our Remote education provision.


Extended school provision

Breakfast and afterschool club will be available Monday to Friday and all COVID-19 procedures including class/sibling bubbling will continue to be observed, please book a place using the School Gateway or contact the Admin team 01837 810248 for further information.


Extra-curricular clubs

Extra-curricular clubs will not take place this term but we are hoping they will begin again in the Summer term.



If you have any questions or require further information, please contact school

01837 810248



Thank you for all your support and understanding over the last few challenging and difficult months. I appreciate parents/carers and children will have mixed emotions when returning on Monday 8th March and some maybe a little nervous and anxious but everyone at school is thoroughly looking forward to welcoming you back.


Stay safe and well.



Alan Monger